The Frightening Stranger

Trisha and Sania are siblings. One fine evening, they went out to watch a movie together. They were coming out of the movie hall when suddenly Sania tripped over a stone and fell on the pavement. Trisha helped her up and they resumed their journey towards home. When they reached home, Sania checked for the keys in her pockets and she found that her cell phone was missing. She panicked and started to run towards the movie hall. Soon Trisha caught up with her and calmed her down. They started searching the path that they had earlier taken towards their home. A girl running past them tripped and fell. While Trisha rushed towards her to provide help, Sania remembered that she had also fallen near the movie hall. She told Trisha about this and they rushed to the movie hall and searched for about two hours but all in vain. A man upon seeing them, started to walk towards them. His face was harsh and clothes were ragged. The girls had read innumerable stories about kidnapping so they got frightened and quickened their pace. Moreover, it was getting dark and rain began pouring heavily which made them even more anxious than before. The man began calling out and running towards them. Since Trisha and Sania could not hear anything due to the rain, they simply broke out in a run. But the man was quicker and eventually he caught up with them at an intersection. Trisha spun around, advancing threateningly and shouting at the same time to grab the onlooker’s attention. With a deep baritone, the man calmly said, “Ma’am it is just that I happened to find this phone with your picture on it near the movie hall.” Recognizing her phone, Sania calmed down a little. Now, she was embarrassed. Trisha intervened by apologizing profusely and thanking the man for returning the phone. The man laughed away their apologies and said that given the current scenarios, their reaction was normal. Both the girls were impressed by the man’s calm and easy-going behaviour . The girls thanked him again, wished him adieu and then parted ways.


-Appearances are deceptive-


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