The Future of AI


With all the excitement and hype about AI that’s “just around the corner”. The future with exciting fascinating, new world completely different from what is it. Now computer power double’s every few months, this tremendous rise to computer power means that eventually we’ll reach something called singularity which is nothing but AI, Artificial Intelligent designed to compete with human brains. This revolution might be compatible to the inventions of alphabet, Agriculture or Machines which were great turning points in human history. This means that computers may approach our ability to think. Monopoly is the understand or even believed that such future might lies ahead, the explosive evolution of computers make accurate and realistic predictions about the future.
Technology moves at breakneck speed, AI has been a interesting concept of science fiction for decodes. Many researchers think we’re finally getting closer to making AI a reality. AI tries to create general purpose intelligent things, kind of like a human whereas, ML is usually used for this purpose, though ML tends to be used to solve specific problems that it was trained to solve, after that Artificial Neural Networks are a subset of models that are used in ML, they are characterized by their use of neurons, DL is a subset of ANN’s that are characterized by their use of multiple hidden layers of neurons and Big data is providing speed up for AI development process and we may be seeing more integration of AI technology in our day-to-day life.
Here there are 6 ways AI might affects us in future:
1.Automated Transportation:
We’re already seeing the beginnings of self-driving cars, though the vehicles are currently required to have a driver present for safety. With these exciting development, the technology not perfect yet and it will take a while for public acceptance into widespread use.
2. Cyborg Technology:
One of the main limitations of being human is simply our own bodies and brains. Researcher Shimon Whiteson thinks that in the future, we’ll be able to augment ourseleves with computers and enhance many of our own natural abilities.
3. Taking over dangerous job:
Robot’s are already taking over some of most high-risky jobs available, including bomb defusing. These robot’s aren’t robot’s yet, they are technically drones, being used for defusing bombs, but requiring a human to control them rather than using AI. As technology improves, we’ll see AI integration to help machine functions.
4. Solving climate change:
It seems like tall order from a robot, but as researcher’s explains, machine have more access to data than one person ever could, storing a mind-boggling number of statistics. Using big data concept, AI identify trends and use that information to come up with solutions.
5. Robot as friend:
At this stage, most of robot’s are emotionless and it is difficult to relate, with more improvements in it- robot was programmed to read human emotion, develop it’s own emotions and helps it’s human friends to stay happy.
6. Improved elder care:
For many senior’s everyday of life having a struggle to manage their care, or rely on family members. AI at this stage where replacing these problem isn’t too far off. Robot’s could help senior’s with everyday tasks and allow them to stay independently.

AI technology can influence our future, and this fact has professionals across multiple industries. Extremely excited for future of AI, this will wisely improve the quality of our life.


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