The Human Tendency

Humans have tendencies.

The tendency to gossip, insult, retract into our cocoon when things go south. Of course tendencies different from person to person. That’s when categories come into light. For example, if you are anti-social: INTROVERT. This isn’t the definition of an introvert but it is believed to be thanks to the common man’s assumptions.
From categories, people were being stereotyped. Example: All Americans are rich. People in Hawaii and the Bahamas probably only wear coconuts and lay on the beach. Indians speak ‘Hindu’(Hindi is the language and Hindu is a religion)
Can you imagine a diagram in your head? Like, a tree with roots and small labeled boxes? Speaking of labels: to sum up categories, stereotypes, ‘references’ -such as “she is so tall, we should nickname her and call her giraffe,” under one name – it is called LABEL.
Labels are what every individual slaps either on himself/herself or the person beside. It is a tendency. Nowadays we probably do it without even realizing it. It’s more of a habit. Similar to a daily routine. But, who likes labels? They are grading, meaningless and unimportant.
Always remember: Do unto others, what you want to be done unto you.
It isn’t easy to stop doing something everybody does. It’s a group effect, right? If you don’t join along, you might miss out on other things. We try so hard to fit in, standing out begins to feel like a crime and nothing more. But being different is unique. Don’t ridicule people unnecessarily. Don’t slap labels if you think it will have a negative effect. There is enough misery in this world as it is, don’t be another source. Be a sucker. Suck the bad out of someone’s day. Suck at jokes – those are the best kind anyway. Suck at your choice of music – so that others tell you about their playlists.
A playlist can tell you a lot about a person. Not only song choice, but particularly why that song? Lyrics speak to people. Even the song ‘Selfie’ by the Chainsmokers was kinda relatable. Don’t look at a person and see an opportunity to judge. See an opportunity to understand. This world has to become a better place. Not for the future generations. First for us. Only then will there be a future.

Smile more, judge less.
Pray more, curse less.
Cure hurting hearts,
Punch foul mouths.
Be amazing, be smart
Be the new face of what people call ‘hopeless, broken youth!’

I`m not a preacher. I find it hard following the advice I give. But how about trying? I try to be nice. I tried tossing my box of labels ready to hand out to people every morning. It doesn’t cost you anything to have a kind heart and say a kind word whether on social media or to someone’s face. Where speaking harshly and with an attitude might come off as bold and daring, to someone it is a stab of pain.

Spread the good word!
Spread love!

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