The incident


Last week I visited my aunt. Since my sister’s exams are going on so I was bored like hell at home. So I thought of giving a quick trip to meet my cousins. I generally hate this short trip journeys because the buses are so crowded that you can hardly breathe.  But that day was lucky, the bus was not that loaded and I got a comfortable seat (although I prefer window seat to avoid conversation with strangers and be in my imagination world). So like usual I took my headphones to put on to my music before the person beside me askes me anything. Another reason why I hate bus trip, the person beside you sometimes turns out to be a talkative one and keeps on asking questions even when you give all the indication that you are not interested. SO nowadays my escape plan is my headphone. It doesn’t matter whether the music is on or not, I will put them on so that no one approaches me for a conversation. So, I was all set for the journey. The bus started moving and suddenly I could see a girl running towards the bus. The conducted indicated the driver to slow down. A girl stepped in. Ummm…. Is it weird for a girl to write about another girl? Actually it’s not about the girl but about the incident. The girl took the seat that was just before me. Immediately she out her phone and called someone. From the conversation I could make out that it was her mother nd she confirmed that she rode the bus.  A guy sat beside her. From the moment she took the seat I could see an excitement in the boy’s face. One moment if he is brushing his hair with his finger then other moment he is checking himself in the phone. Well it was quite obvious because the girl beside him was pretty. And like our Bollywood movies, many love stories starts in bus journeys. So, I was trying to investigate whether it will be a thumps up or down.  From my observation, I can say that the girl was not at all in a friend zone mood because like me she put on her headphones. Although she didn’t take the window seat but the wind was blowing all her hair and she was struggling hard to manage them. At point she was irritated and her trying to take out the scarf that was tied in her bag so as to cover her face. But then, suddenly the wind stopped. I saw the boy observing her and closed the window. She gave a slight smile out of courtesy. I smiled to myself seeing that. Am I staring at them? Once I thought… naahhh… no one will notice and since I wear it is not easy to make out like exactly where I am looking at. So… I kept my eyes fixed on them. But no.. there was no conversation between them. After sometime the boy started taking out some papers and a pen and started writing something. As per my investigative mind, he just wanted to grab some attention from her. But he failed, the girl didn’t even look at him. Failing in his attempt, next he took out a water bottle and drank some water. Ahhhaaa…. I thought… the same old trick… offering the girl some water so as to steal some moment. And yes bingo… he did that… but his was not at all in his favour that day. She just nodded her head signifying she didn’t wanted. Poor boy!!! He put inside the bottle. And the journey continued. After few stoppages, few seats got empty. I thought whether the girl would change the seat or stick to it. She didn’t. May be for such short she didn’t feel it necessary to change it. After one and a half hour, the bus reached the destination. And there was no single conversation between them. Everybody started getting down. I put down my headphone and called my cousin to pick me up. Suddenly I heard the boy asking the girl her name. She replied but didn’t seem so comfortable talking to him. Before the boy could ask her anything she grabbed her bag and quickly got down the bus then the boy followed by me. The girl was talking over the phone and the boy standing beside her. May be he wanted to ask her something. But before he could she took a rickshaw and left. And the boy stood there. He looked towards the rickshaw till the time it disappeared. I couldn’t wait anymore to see what happened next because my brother came to pick me.

 The whole scenario is circling in my head. I am like…. Did the girl notice that the boy showed some interest in her… what made the guy attempt so many times to talk to her? Did she tell her real name? Did he follow her? Did they meet again?




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