The less you burn, the more you earn!!!

Fuel is the fastest draining natural resource. It is a resource that produces useful energy when it undergoes a chemical or nuclear reaction. Coal, wood, oil, petrol or gas provides energy when burned, so we consider them as fuels. But as we all know fuel is not man made and it occurs only naturally so its judicious use is much more needed not for today but for future generations too. We all know that fuel is a non-renewable natural resource, it takes millions of years to renew. Therefore, it is necessary for us to use it wisely. we do not need fuel only to run are vehicles but it is also needed to run a life and a better environment too. Fuel shortages keep occurring in the world from time to time. Most countries have to import fuel to meet their needs. One should take the initiative to save this precious resource. If we neglect this fact we will face a huge loss in the near future. Fossil fuels like Coal, Oil and Gas are non renewable resources. In other words, increasing uses depletes their presence within the earth. So there will come a time when they will no longer be available. Don’t forget, if today we will burn fossil fuels tomorrow we might be fossils under the sea. Many man-made fuels are also available which in turn can decrease the want for this precious resource. We should realize that we are showing a problem with our future generations will bear.
If we see this in a broader perspective, all this happened because of greed. “ there is enough resource for everyone’s need but certainly not for anyone’s greed”, is indeed an ingenious statement made by an ingenious man called Mahatma Gandhi. Today his words are being put to the test as never before. Watch how quickly a child learns the word ‘MINE’ . One clear example, is that, of the increase in the use of cars with each member of the family claiming the need to own and drive his or her own vehicle. The 700 million automobiles of the world are already using up 2/3rd’s of the gasoline and releasing carbon dioxide that has already ushered in the era of global warming and the greenhouse effect. We have forgotten that today’s new behaviour is the beginning of tomorrow’s new habit…. Man is going on increasing his greed and is not worried about the future consequences of his present actions. He should realize the fact, that our actions can do harm to our future generation.
Not only this, excessive consumption of fuel leads to degradation of the health of the countries population. An unhealthy population becomes a liability for the country therefore we should save fuel for a better environment and health. Industrialisation, machinery and faster Modes of transport have become a way of life and symbols of prosperity. They use a whole lot of Oil and Gas everyday, however, we are so keenly bent on development that we have closed our eyes to the larger picture, that ,development has no meaning without support from natural reserves and that they have to undergo a sustainable development and not one at the cost of each other.
Many preventive measures can also be taken to overcome this problem:
• Encouraging carpooling: if one has to go to any place he or she can use a public transport instead of using his own vehicle. Too many people going to the same place can use one car instead of using individual vehicles.
• Turning off the engine: People usually don’t switch off the engine when they stop at a certain point for a little interval of time. Remember, restarting the engine will use the amount of fuel equal to the fuel used when a car is at rest for 30 seconds.
• Cooking food by covering the dishes: When we cover and cook the food the heat stays in the same base and consume less time as well as FUEL.
• Avoid frequent use of AC’s: Use the car AC’s sparingly trying not to switch them on while travelling around the city.
• Using solar cookers: Usage of solar cooker for cooking food instead of LPG gas can save a lot of fuel.
• Maintain speed limit: Driving at constant speed is very important to avoid excessive fuel consumption. Changing the speed again and again use a lot of petrol.
Man should stop for a while and think weather is greed is correct ? The increasing wants for the fuel is indeed a topic to worry. Excess population is also one reason for the increase in the use of the fuels. We should pay attention to the following two questions:
“ Will man be able to find another planet in this universe to migrate?”
“ Will man be able to alter that planet according to his needs?”


These questions are still left unanswered. It is high time for us to wake up and link hands to save fuel for a better environment. This will lead to a disease free Nation and the population will be an asset rather than a liability for the country. I’ll conclude by quoting, “ Don’t Be Cruel and conserve fuel!!”


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