The Life of a JOURNALIST – an unspoken truth


Journalism is a profession which has tremendous roles and responsibilities of informing and persuading people. Gathering raw news and making them a fully fledged story is an essential part of journalism and in order to do that, we need brilliant reporter’s, news editors and an excellent teamwork. The members of the team need to be marvelous in their work. On the other hand, one of the biggest factors in the whole process of making the news is often referred to a journalist because a journalist is the one who runs from pillar to post and dawn to dusk to cover a single news story and provide people with the truth.

A profession full of hurdles and the tough situation still a lot of people love to get into the profession not because of the name and fame, however, the fire of revealing the reality of the incident.

A journalist needs to be very cautious with every piece of information because a minute mistake can prove to be very fatal for everyone and anyone. Being into the field of journalism is not as easy as it looks like as there is always a lot of risks related to a journalist’s life. An unspoken truth in the field of journalism is that even in these days a lot of journalists are being threatened harassed and killed for telling the truth to the public.

A profession where there is no security of life and a high risk of getting shot someday is just because of being an honest person. Yet there is a lot of young and aspiring journalist who wants to cover each and every story with utmost honesty to gain all the trust of the masses over media and letting the people know that yes there is still a lot of honest journalists left in the field working for the betterment of the people and their future.


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