The Metro : Journey of journeys


A fictitious narration of  

Journey of Journeys:



By Nedunoori Dheeraj Ganesh

                                                                        Pic-credits: Eedulakanti gopinath goud

Preface :

This is a fictitious narration of the true Journey of the journeys called “The Metro” which is actually the dream of Telangana. It is going to revolve around a guy  who came to the city with immense dedication and love for the metro which made him the  part of the most prestigious project “The Metro”.

This book  is just an amateur attempt to understand the impact which a project creates in the hearts of the people especially the youth .

Kindly note that people mentioned here in  the story are fictitious but the emotion carried out by them ,importance  the project  has and the impact it created is more than just truth, it is an emotional bond between the metro and Telangana  .This story comes out of such emotional bond between the metro and Telangana .

We have to realise one thing here , it is metro  is more than  just a construction for Telangana people . It was a moment  which changed  the fate of the place by raising the  standards of the city  .Being the youngest state in the nation,it creates an epic pleasure for us  when we realise that  an international level project has been started in the most lovable city of Hyderabad .

This attempt is about a guy who came to work but ended up loving the metro which made him to understand the  importance of people,  journey , emotions and time . This is his journey who was into the construction of  the Metro . Look how the time has  changed the life of this guy , .

Be ready and be the part of the “Journey of journeys: The Metro”

Journey of journeys

  We all know that the Metro phase -I  has started on 25th Nov 2017 . This particular day isn’t a normal one for us . This is one of the step which has elated the pride of the Telangana . The main reason is  metro  has  raised the standards  of Hyderabad .

       The reason we are enjoying the amazing journeys of the metro is the sacrifice of thousands of workers,engineers who left their families months together just for the sake of the metro.

Do you know the reason why The metro  is called “ the journey of journeys” ?

Let me help you with that, journey is one of the beautiful word which describes so many things like memories, incidents, people and their stories . We all know that the life is nothing but a journey. In the similar way our metro  is a journey too because it  comprises of so many memories , incidents and of course the most important one the people.

        Everyone in this world has story to share and one such story to share is the journey of this guy(Somesh) who started taking his life serious after his initial experience with Metro. Everyone has a turning point in their life and only few utilises it and succeeds in their life. People rarely utilises the opportunities given by the god .

Here Somesh made a decision boldly and dedicated himself to the metro and started his journey with metro .

I: It all begins with a dream

  Ok….  enough of all the routine work let us know what and where exactly this story has started .It was back in 2012 when Somesh was at Karimnagar not knowing what to do in life and with lot of confusion, laziness and workless.He had a sense of incompleteness within himself (just like most of us ). But he had got a dream of being part of  something epic or doing something unique or great. (We have to appreciate few things in  the god’s creation, one of such things is Fate. Just imagine a lazy guy who wasn’t clear about his  life became part of the Metro which requires  extreme skill-set and knowledge )

        So, somehow he happened to see an article about the metro in the news paper and the recruitment into it . That was the first time when his parents has seen their kid with lot of enthusiasm and energy, they felt happy about him  and sent their kid to Hyderabad with all the required documents. He was at the selection point eagerly waiting for his chance to go for the interview. He was a bit nervous which wasn’t bothering him. He was rather bothered about  the construction issues and all the unnecessary things which made him to babble. Moreover being the youngest of all the people who were into the interview.He faced his first rejection and humiliation  in life. The people who were elder to him started insulting him by saying “you ain’t eligible for these posts go get the strength first .You are just a kid go and take some rest  you don’t have any skill to be part of the metro  “with an insulting tone and crooked smile.

The early rejection and humiliation in his life has made him feel to give up his dream and he was completely out of himself,felt completely down and started being negative. That was one of the saddest point in his life.He was pulled back to where he started with that interview and his soar experience with the strangers . One fine day  while he was weeping ,his mother observed and asked him to say what exactly happened . He cried just like a small baby on her lap . ( Mother   is a  person who touches your soul with few  simple words ) Those simple words which she said to Somesh were “Nana ( dear kid ) Show me someone who succeeded without facing a failure and humiliation ?“ Somesh didn’t have an answer to the question and he stopped crying and started thinking about past incidents, his mother said” You know Subhash chandra bose , he was trolled by all the congressmen (except Gandhi and Patel ) at that time for his unconventional ideas of liberating India free from British. He never raised a single word against the humiliations and failures rather he worked on his own strengths and reduced weaknesses and succeeded in his plans,  then entire youth in India has started joining in his group and he later  became an inspiration to millions and billions for he his resilient work. So, just compare the extent of failures and humiliation which you faced  with the great leaders. It is nothing” Somesh relaxed and thought for a moment and realised what he has to do in order to get a job in the metro. He then realised  that  the life won’t stop here  and he started being serious about his dream and career, So luckily he found a guru who helped him in understanding the Civil ITI . He started attending his final year and finished it off with flying colors

With his love and passion for the Metro he started learning all the required skills to fill the post . Days passed and the wisdom of this lad has been  growing enormously and he started giving private tuitions to civil students who  actually trolled him earlier, which excited and enthralled  all the students and the  professors of university. So people started admiring him. His fame started increasing and his explanation skills and confidence and the grip on the topic in native language has amazed the Principal. So he asked “what can I do for you?” . Somesh gently replied “The Metro!, sir “. Knowing his skillset and impeccable grip on subject he wrote a recommendation letter to the respective person and handed it over to Somesh  

Somehow 6 months have passed in his life  .By then the metro works has already started between Nagole to Mettuguda in Hyderabad a stretch of 8 kms  and he started  missing most of the important work . Now he is strong and matured who  understood his parent’s condition and decided to go for the interview this time with confidence ,attitude,courage and of course the knowledge about the work .

So he handed over the required documents to the interviewer. The interviewer was startled after watching  the projects which the  engineering student do was actually done with sheer perfection by An ITI student   and he asked a question about why he was so much interested in working with the metro?! By signing on his appointment letter . Somesh said with an humble smile “Sir,time reveals everything!!!!”.The interviewer asked someone to show Somesh his place and it was quite congesting but he was okay with it.He felt the sense of ambition and the sense of responsibility . As he was watching the construction site of The Metro tears started rolling in his cheeks. He felt so happy and ambitious at the very same time .Let us know how he felt on the construction site in his early days  



We assume that first approval is always the best one .But it is not ,we need to always  remember that the  earlier the failure or  rejection is , the sweeter the success going to be and the  success would be cherishable .Remember when we’re down in our lives and when we face a grave problem remember to look into your parents face ,it may not solve the problem but  it gives you the  confidence to solve  the problem. Actually  It is not your greatness, it is your parent’s selfless love towards you  which guides you in your life.Not just parents anything that is  Selfless has a divinity hidden in it. The energy around our  loved ones creates a positive Aura which makes us to be honest , kind , efficient at our work.Always try to satisfy your parents first ,their satisfaction includes your happiness not short term one rather a long term one . If you find any relationship which resembles your parents never ever lose them .they are going to be the fate changers  and destiny makers in your life .

     We all face issues in our life like Somesh , we have to stand up for ourselves and find the solution for all the problems and fix those issues . The issue can be anything it can be related to the career , decision making , relationship decisions etc . We have to be firm and remember the values and ethics which our parents have taught us .

        When we face a rejection or failure our first step shouldn’t be crying  it should be analysing where we went wrong and second step is to identify the mistakes and the third step is to correct the mistakes  and eliminate errors the fourth step is to have a clear vision on future and apply what you have learned in the life is the fifth step. All of the steps shouldn’t be just for  the sake of result ,it must be for excellence .

Remember that” Efforts are in your hand but the results are in his hand “.


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