The Prayer

Our Father which art in heaven

Hallowed it be thy time

There are people killing

And people dying

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day

Our daily hope and bread

For the word is sick

And it seems there’s no hope for humanity

With people killing in your name

And people getting killed because they refuse to mention your name

It’s wrong

And so if we made a mistake

Forgive us of our trespasses

As we forgave those who trespassed against us

For you are said to be the all loving

And the all forgiving

Surely nobody needs be to punished for  eternity

For living their lives and being happy

Living their lives as you made them to be

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us for evil

As evil is committed even in your name

Maybe they were following what you said

But why would an all loving god hates its own creation

Why should everyone be the same

Surely it’s a way to show your grate ness

For thine are the kingdom and the power….

But certainly not glory

For millions of gays have been killed in your name

And millions of women imprisoned for not covering their heads

Not to mentioned millions of people beheaded in your name

Maybe you were expecting me to finally bow at you and pray

Pray for a miracle to solve any world problems

But forgive me

For I don’t pray to someone evil

For someone who’s omnipotent can’t be omnibenevolent

And someone’s who’s omniscient doesn’t provide people with free will

But still punishes then anyway

And I cannot in my good conscious

Bowing to you

To thank you for all the evil in this world

Even if you send me to hell

I know at least I did the right thing


2 thoughts on “The Prayer

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