The Road To Hills

The road to hills

There is a road

Which goes up yonder the hills.

It leads to the witch’s abode,

Where every wish fulfills.

One day, a man came to me

And asked about that place.

I said, the hills above you see

Is that sacred space.

He happily moved towards the hill

Unknown of the spell

And never stopped or sit until

He rang abode’s bell.

The witch opened the gate

And asked him to go.

“You are generous, you are great”,

He pleaded so and so.

She captivated him: And wait!

Oh, she killed him with the spell.

“Ha ha ha” she expands

“There is one more farewell”.

This story does not end here,

As don’t you want to know;

Yonder hill is my sphere

Wait! “Oh, I forgot to say hello”.

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