The Shakespeare – Marlowe Conspiracy

Marlowe and Shakespear

Feeding my yearning with an extensive portion of literature and its history, I came across something very unlikely to believe. Many say it was a Conspiracy Theory in the 19th century while many declare it as Hoax, unable to hold my hankering on this matter i took a leap in studying  the conspired connection between William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. Many say that Shakespeare was either fake or he had a group of writers who would write for him. Mark Twain had once said, “So far as anybody actually knows and can prove, Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon never wrote a play in his life.” 

Christopher Marlowe was a 19th century playwright, poet and a  translator of the Elizabethan era. His date of birth is not known although what is know is that he was baptized on 26th February 1564 and died at an early age of 29 in the year 1593. It is said his death was just a show to protect him from the society as he was an atheist.  Under no solid reason in 1593 he was arrested and was taken up to the court 10 days prior to that incident he was stabbed to death by Ingram Frizer. Although his corpse was nowhere to be found and stories emerge that he was a spy of the crown and that he soon became a threat to the crown for which he was assassinated.

Interestingly William Shakespeare happen to be born on the same year as Marlowe and  is said to have similar style of writing as Marlowe: although many portray it as Marlowe being an inspiration to Shakespeare. Shakespeare died in the year 1616 and 230 years after his death doubts transpired about the authorship of the work attributed to him. The proposed candidates were Christopher Marlowe Edward De Vere and Francis Bacon.

One of the most popular theory of this controversy  is the “Marlovian Theory”. So what does this theory states?                                                                                Theory says that the plays of Marlowe and Shakespeare were written by the same person and backing up this theory is the fact that during the five years of minimal existence or Marlowe Shakespeare did not produce a single play. The theory sites extensively from Shakespeare’s later work comparing them in style and content to Marlowe’s work; but there is an inherent flaw in this exercise. The idea of copyright or intellectual property was in its infancy during the Elizabethan Era. Infact in Marlowe in his own plays [ the one which was written by him as well as attributed to him] lifted verses from other writers and used them in his plays claiming to be his own work; no citation was offered when he published his work. So possibilities were that Shakespeare too had done the same since it was not forbidden in their time. Although Shakespeare’s blank verse in his early plays represents the style of Marlowe who was popular for writing blank verse.

The controversy will continue for ages due to lack of hard-rock evidence. Whether Shakespeare was Marlowe in disguise or Whether Marlowe collaborated with Shakespeare or mentored him, still they’ll remain the best writers in the history of Literature.


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  1. Yuvraj Adhikari says:

    Fabulous writing. The theory has been there for ages and will be there forever as it seems but as you wrote they will remain the best of bests of Literature..lovely reading😊


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