The Silence Speaks

During the times of melancholy,When the time starts ticking slowly…

When the mind is in distress And brain is understress…worry not listen to the silence speaks..

When the world starts to run fast

And it becomes apparent;you are going to come last…On the bench you sit Alone…in a silent dole …..When there is no looking hands for you to console worry not listen to the silence speaks..!!!

Stuck,you find life islabyrinthine

Troubled wanting to get the brain and heart fused,

Filled with thoughts you are confused,

Daring Let them fly or wanting to just Confine…Just let the silence speaks…

When it rains and the coffe cup remians untouched, And the agapanthuses is your garden grow uncut..

When spider starts weaving on the cricket bats…And moths start residing in your hats,

Listen to the silence it speaks..!!!!!

When you start flying and the skies start changing,The so frequently traveled road starts winding…When life brings for you a hundred routes..

Each promising you a yield of thousands fruits…

Close your eyes and listen to silence speaks..!!!!!! 


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