The Tale Beyond Title

The Tale beyond Title!

It was only for that one night when his feelings were hurt and Vivaan was completely shattered after hearing something from someone whom he loved the most. Wondering who is Vivaan? Duh! Stupid of me not to introduce him from the beginning. Well, Vivaan was just an ordinary teenager who was a comic character among his friends with no clear vision of his future and the hurdles which lay ahead in his journey. He was a crazy kid who moved around fancily without restrictions and with no clue where life would take him in the next stage. You could categorize him as a failure as he was never good at anything he tried, be it sports or study! Yeah the usual parameters on which the society judges an individual’s talent. He was an average student in studies, no particular skills, tried his hands in sports but couldn’t make it up and so on and so forth his failure list didn’t end, but one thing which he surely was good at was spreading smiles on other faces and carry one, probably the brightest one, himself. He was a jolly kid who smiled no matter what the situation was. Seems wow! Wish you could possess his quality? Egh…Only this one I guess!  Well in actual life people don’t always think the same. Some may think him crazy and some may judge him as a nuisance yet only a few close ones knew him well and his potentials that lay hidden behind the careless smiling boy. He had a loving family with parents who cared for him, sister who pampered him, friends who helped him and a girl who supported and loved him.

Interested about the girl? You should be! Because she is the one who changed his life and made him what he is today. Her name was Avni, a studious, hard-working and talented girl who excelled in almost every field be it studies, sports, leading, debates or anything. You just name it and bang on Avni excels in that except for the part of singing and dancing which I would rate her below par. A girl with ambitions of being independent and a fixed goal in life with dreams and wishes to fulfill. She was an important part of Vivaan’s life as she was the dream girl Vivaan had fallen for. Yes she was his crush! It all happened in their school days when it started from being classmates to become friends and later went on to become best buddies and finally ended up falling for each other. Only a few lucky ones get this happiness of making their crush their lifetime partner and Vivaan was among them. It was when school days got over and fate separated them in different cities for focusing on their careers they realized the special bond between them. Vivaan could no longer suppress his feelings for Avni and proposed her on his way to the next stage of his life, the college life! Avni replied with a yes!! Woahh…What a feeling indeed to give goose bumps to every lover who wished a “yes” from their crush. They were one happy couple who shared everything and were a perfect living example of true love among their close friends who knew about their relationship. It all seemed to go well for two beautiful long years until one night…

 It was only for that one night which changed Vivaan completely and the smiling kid lost his smile. They were in the middle of their engineering course when Avni was completely engrossed in her subjects to build herself a better future and in turn leaving Vivaan feel rejected or preferably not giving adequate time to him. Vivaan felt disheartened as he expected her to love him the way he did to her but Avni was way more focused in her career which resulted in daily spats between the couple. They both loved each other but their dreams and expectations came between them until one day, that one day, when few words left a heart pierced without any external injury. It was on the 22nd of July, late night, when the couple was again fighting over an issue when Avni’s harsh comments struck him so hard that resulted in change in his life. Avni, in anger, made him face the harsh reality of the society by questioning him about his future and making him realize he was a useless junk in this beautiful world. Though that was an act of rage and nothing intentional but words are the mightiest swords that can even tear souls without harming the body physically and the same happened with Vivaan. He was shattered on hearing such words from the person who was the pillar of support in his life. It wasn’t yet over when fate had few more devastating surprises for him which left him completely heart-broken. His mother was fighting with cancer with no money to support her treatment and unaware of this he lost his mother without even seeing her for the last time. When a pillar is removed from a structure, the structure collapses but when both the pillars are removed, the structure is left into ruins and the same happened with Vivaan who was left into splits after the night’s conversation and sudden tragic death of his mother. The incidents triggered him on finding himself and prove the society that he wasn’t a junk and could be the son that her mother always dreamed for.

He didn’t drop a single tear and after days of depression went on to his new journey of proving himself. A pierced soul is always a fearsome one who can even diverge into a wrong path but Vivaan kept himself focused on the right path for proving the world what he is capable of. He broke all his contacts, deactivated all his social media accounts and even changed his phone number. He never looked back upon his old life, the life with Avni, his friends, his family.

Years later…

Avni was in the final year of her graduation and was completely engrossed in her preparations for interviews and job profiles. Though the life events didn’t deviate her from her goals but it had surely left an incurable impact on the poor soul. She had no clue where Vivaan had disappeared and it had been four long years since she last saw him. She still had the flame of love buried in her heart for him. She gave her interview and was the top candidate to bag the highest package ever offered to any student of the college. It was a moment of success as her years of hard-work and dreams seem to come true with what she achieved. She was placed in a multinational company in Bangalore and was asked to join the company a month later. Avni was now in the limelight among her friends, family, relatives and associates because in today’s hypocrite society, girls are dominated over boys and asked to stay at home. Avni proved everyone wrong and made her own identity amidst the crowd. She decided to throw a party to her close friends in Bangalore and soon they left out for the Silicon Valley of India. A group of seven friends including Avni landed in Bangalore on the 21st of July. They booked a hotel and rested the whole day for the journey was long and tiring. The next day they searched for the best visiting places in the city of Bangalore and came up with a tour plan. The plan was simple! Book a ride and visit the landmarked locations and at the end dine at a good restaurant and celebrate the success. They completed the first half of the plan and were into the second half when her friends asked Avni to throw a dine in a renowned five star hotel named “The Lost Title” in a nearby spot. Avni agreed as a little more expenditure will not matter once she receives her handsome salary and so they entered the lavishly built palace.

The place was an exquisite marvel with well-carved structures, beautiful paintings hung on the wall, rare and antique stuffs decorated as display, large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a picture perfect arrangement. The hotel was a modern day marvel and among the best in the whole city. The group was greeted by a staff at the entrance who took them to the first floor where the dining place was. They sat there munching the starters and waiting for the main course when suddenly Avni noticed a man in a well-dressed black tuxedo. Though Avni could only look behind his back yet there was something which kept her staring at him. The man after finishing his convo with the manager turned around and made his way through the crowd to the dining place. This was when Avni could get a glimpse of him and saw a handsome guy with a well-trimmed beard and sexy combed up hair approaching in her direction. Her female friends sitting by her side went to the OMG mode as soon as they saw the guy and started discussing about his looks and appearance. Avni still gazed at him like a lost daydreamer. He came to the table and sat on the eighth chair which was empty. Everyone was obviously confused at the gesture and was totally startled how to react on the occasion. The guy greeted everyone with a hello and asked if they mind if he joins them. The boys were reluctant but the girls were amused to hear this. He sat just beside Avni and stared back at her confused continuously staring eyes when the duo was interrupted by a small pinch by one of Avni’s friends.

“Do you recognize me?” asked the man.

“You seem familiar” answered Avni.

“Why did you join us? Who are you?” asked another friend

And this was what the man answered…

“I am a crazy guy who also had a group of eight like yours and now I am sitting forth the same bunch of idiots who didn’t even recognize me!!”

Everyone got confused by the reply except for Avni. She jumped off her chair and hugged him tight as soon as she figured out his identity. Yes it was Vivaan and they both were in tears when they finally met after years of separation. Everyone was shocked yet spellbound. The group got overjoyed and a room with eight happy faces could be easily spotted from a distance. Avni slapped him lightly and got angry upon him and so did the whole group who demanded for an explanation behind his sudden disappearance. Vivaan apologized for his mistakes and said ‘Sorry’ to each one of them individually. They were far more overjoyed than angry and everyone hugged their long lost friend once again. It was an emotional reunion among best friends who had long waited for this moment.  Vivaan instantly asked Avni if she still loved him and the answer was again the unchanged “Yes” and with that yes, Vivaan went on his knees, pulled out a rose from the decoration on the table and proposed Avni for a marriage and she blushed like never before.  Everyone in and around the dining table clapped and cheered for the ‘Yes’. It was indeed a moment to cherish for a lifetime which was only captured in the souls of a few who witnessed it.

Somebody from the group asked,” What are you doing here? Do you work here?”

“Yes. I work here.” replied Vivaan.

So you’re a waiter? Asked Avni and everyone looked a bit puzzled.

“I am the owner of this hotel” answered Vivaan.

Everyone had their eyes wide open and mouths hanging down their cheek. They could not believe what they just heard.

 The careless smiling boy proved himself to the world at last!!

This is a story of every Vivaan and Avni out there who are facing the world with fears and restrictions in their heart and finding ways to prove themselves to the society. It is also the bond of love that revolves round the story and could not be broken even when destiny separated them for years. This tale is for every individual out there who have a story within them and need to explore the title of their own story!


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