The Unmarried Teacher

Teacher who never married


There was a teacher in a school who used to teach physics, math, and geography to the children, his mother was dead and he used to live with his father as a paying guest. The teacher was a fair skin person, not very tall and believed in good and simplicity. He always dressed up like an uncle. In every class, students gossip about the marriage of the teacher, as his age was passing.


The students of junior class were promoted to the senior class, but the teacher was still unmarried. One day a student asked him about his marriage, and the teacher screamed at him and left the class. Next day the teacher was expecting that the student would apologize to him, but the student didn’t apologize because of hesitation. One day the student went to the teacher’s home to apologise with full zeal, but he didn’t get his teacher at home. The teacher’s father asked about the reason for his visit, the student told him that he is here to apologise to the teacher and he told him about the incident in class. The student told him about the gossip of the school about the teacher’s marriage. After listening to him, the father was feeling sad for his son.


After listening to all these, the father said to the student that he can tell the reason for his unmarried life, but on one condition that the student will not reveal the secret to anybody and he must pretend like an unaware person as always. The student accepted this condition.


The father begins the story, he told that once his son was a married guy, the student was shocked but didn’t interrupt, after a few years of marriage the teacher’s wife started feeling uncomfortable with him. She started behaving badly with the teacher but the teacher always tried to make her happy. He always tried to convince her despite her bad behavior. One day when the teacher came home, he saw a note of his wife. It was a goodbye note. 


The teacher’s wife left the teacher and she decided to move on with some other guy. After a few weeks, the teacher got a call from a hospital, and he went to the hospital. In hospital, the police told him that she met with an accident. She betrayed him, but my son teacher forgot everything and started looking after her, as the accident was very brutal. After two months of accident, the teacher’s wife died because of zero improvement and zero recovery. This incident broke the heart of the son and he decided to be alone all his life, said father. The father ends the story and says to the student, don’t tell the teacher that I have told you the reason for his unmarried life. The student realized his mistake and he went back without apologizing from the teacher.


Next day, the student went to the school and again he didn’t apologize to the teacher, as the teacher’s father told him to pretend like an unaware guy.



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