The Unmeant Smile


Unmeant Smile


” The results are positive” said the doctor.
The patient stares at the doctor but is speechless.

Next morning as the sun shine beyond the horizon, he woke like a new day is ahead. A medical file near him was making sounds of closing and opening.
He remembers his late mother’s voice” we would be suffering due to other’s fault. But the society will blame us. They will poke, stab in our backs and make us feel like a sin. I don’t want you to think of what ever they speak and will speak. You do what is right.”
He walked towards the window and returned the sun’s smile.

In an IT office where he works, nearby sits his dearest friend. She notices him and finds something peculiar. When she asks him he said “Has anyone told that I love you deep from my heart?” She looks confused. ” Don’t take those thoughts” he added “cause if you have sex with me you may get infected with HIV-AIDS .” As soon as he said this he turned and continued to work . She was as still as a statue for a long time. A tear raced down her left cheeks. He turned and wiped her tears and said that he is still a virgin. 

She saw him smiling, hiding his pain.


And after all, the world is a stage and we play. Either we play a game or we are played in the game.


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