The wanderer boy

A story of a wanderer boy through my eye

Like always.. He visited the city today. He thought it will be same like he left. He thought he will find welcoming warm arms where he could include few more memories in his life. But he didn’t know that the place was not like he left. He didn’t know that people can change so fast. The wanderer guy was heartbroken to visit the city this time. He had been a loner always but still few moments of his life mattered a lot. He spent few of his time with his friends so that he can forget his pain otherwise poetry is his only company. He pens down all his thought but no one understands. Many ignored his words including his near ones. They failed to understand that poetry is the only thing that left within him. Everyone betrayed him. Some on face, some on the back but he gulped the ugly truth. Still he comes with the hope to get warm hug. He knows reality is not like his imaginary world, that people are too selfish to listen to his sad stories and so he always wears a smile. But still, his near ones couldn’t take out some time for him. He was heartbroken but still he consoled himself.  Taking a peg and a joint….. He picked his pen again… words seemed to pour down by themselves. He continued until the pen stopped itself and here’s he one more composition. He went through it, smiled to himself and said, ‘For once if you could proof me wrong’. Since years he is waiting to proof himself wrong but he failed. They city is materialistic but he hoped to keep alive the humanity. He didn’t understand that no one has so much time to think. Everyone is being selfish; everyone is running after money, fame, job and in-between those they forget to love each other. They forgot to take out some time and be selfless for some time. He thought he will celebrate his birthday with all like last time. he though everyone will be together, he thought everyone will giggle like before, make fun of each other, dance like never danced before. But he was wrong. No one could make out some time to meet him, to wish him. He went door to door in search of happiness and all he found is disappointment. With a heavy heart, he hugged his diary and said; “only you make me happy, only you know what I want’. So the wanderer guy without looking back grabbed his diary and left the city. His heart was heavy but his mind was clear. He went back to the place of anonymous where he found poetry in each and every thing, where his soul took him.  It is no doubt that the wanderer boy will come back again to the city to see the change but this time he will be stronger, he will be selfish, he will spread happiness but he will not expect the same. Once again his heart will be broken but he will be happy because it creates his poetry.

Life has been unfair to him but he will not be unfair to life. The wanderer guy…… sets his goal to spread happiness… and there he sitting beside the lake… writing down pages of his stories….. And all I see the ashes creating new poetry and he is calm.


The wanderer boy…. In search of humanity in the materialistic world.

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