The World Turns Around

The days are difficult;

The sufferings are real.

The demons inside dominate,

Turning Love into Hate.

These Demons can’t be seen,

They are far from fairy tales;

They lives inside your mind,

Their evilness prevails.

Crushing the hopes,sucking the energy,you left numb on your bed.

When everybody thinks you are lazy but actually you are dead.

The pain in the heart rips the soul at your gut,

Saying you are fine when you are anything but.

The calmness on your face is an ongoing sin.
Your skin is on fire; you burn from within.

Killing yourself with negativity, the guilt rises up;

You curse yourself for everything that you did or did not.

You sink deeper and deeper, happiness becomes your fiend.

Emptiness is a feeling that comes from within.

You try to figure out everything but lost the path.

The world crashes around you, leaving you in wrath.

Craving for a warm hug and an ear to listen,

You fear about the people and their nuisance.

Enough of the feelings; you need to get up now.

Fighting is the only option that is left anyhow.

The days will be better; the things will change,

Believing this and slogging off is what remains.


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