Themes In Anuradha Roy’s ‘The Folded Earth’

The  Display of  Women Character

The phase of life a woman goes through in a patriarchal society has been portrayed beautifully by Anuradha Roy. In the novel, women has been portrayed as sufferers, has been portrayed as symbols of love and sensitivity in a very simple way. The novel has also reflected the major issues a women faces such as education, employments etc. She also talks in her novel about what effects or hinders a woman’s freedom and independence. The novel also talks about how these problems continue in a society even by fully independent women just because she lives in a patriarchal society. A very good example has been given in the novel that point out the dominance of caste discrimination, racism and the ruthless system of patriarchy. The protagonist’s father rejects her, the protagonist just because she has been married to a Christian. This turns out to be the only reason her father disinherits her. This shows that our society is still being led by patriarchy and the consequences of which are faced by the women race residing in that particular society. Similarly another example of patriarchal dominance is the subplot of Charu and Kundan, the cook’s blossoming love story which was again nit accepted by Charu’s grandmother because Kundan could not afford to make a stand according to their status and standard and hence, their love story was not accepted either by her grandmother. This incident is again an example of the fact that a women is not free to take the decisions of her life by her own. She is always led by the rules of the society or she is always bound to them since only the patriarchal society is allowed to decide what is to be done by the women of the society.




Dream for isolation

The protagonist Maya after all what she has suffered throughout her life, she chooses to be a woman of independence . the dream for solitude or isolation is the concept that she now wanted to lead her life away from all the patriarchal norms and regulations because it is only after suffering so much all her life, she has finally stood on her feet to earn her own living . she decided not to feel hindered or obstructed by what society says. This is what isolation or the theme of solitude  all about in the novel. Her loneliness is also depicted as a part of isolation since her decision of marrying a Christian, she has heartlessly been disinherited by her father who is a pickle industrialist. This in one way affected her financial support and after few years of marriage, her husband dies in one of his mountaineering expeditions . this incidents in her life left her totally blank and hopelessly in pain that could never be healed . but then again, she decided to fight back and teach life a lesson that she too was hard to get defeated by these situations life brings her in each step. But then there comes some situations again in her life which shatter her dream for solitude. On the other hand, her undesired relationship with Veer becomes the one she wanted to escape badly from. For veer, Maya’s loneliness has been used as a mean to use Maya and abstract everything of his need from Maya. In others words we can say that he used Maya as just a too, nothing more than that. But it is only in the end she discovers that she has been cheated by Veer





Religious Consciousness leading to Isolation

Religious consciousness has been prevalent throughout the novel. The use of religion has made the characters bound to act the way they are not supposed to. For example when Maya’s father disinherits and disowns her because she marries a man of other religion, her mother is the only character that is stuck between love and fear. She is stuck between the love for her daughter and the strict order of her husband and sadly, she had to choose her husband. This again shows the patriarchal dominance. Even Maya being her daughter, she is bound to follow what her husband orders her to do. So these circumstances made her to meet her daughter in secret. Maya words are to be marked here. She says “my mother was too intimidated by him to do more than steal out for occasional trysts with me at a temple”. by these lines Anuradha Roy points towards the fact that how impact less and voiceless women are in a male dominated  society. Women lose their individuality, their identity , their own self  and are always unaccepted of their true self in that particular society.









Estranged from family

She from the very beginning was constantly being deprived from all the happiness she could gather from her family. On the very first place, she being devoid of her father’s love and property is the best example of an isolated human being. Instantly when she gets disowned and disinherited by her father, she chooses a life that could be better for her but again then, her husband dies in an accident. Nothing could ever be worse in an individual’s life than what she is facing. These incidents are the best examples of Maya’s isolation that have been portrayed n the novel .













The theme of isolation that has been depicted in the novel is a great epitome of obstruction of self, it is an obstruction of a women’s freedom to speak, an obstruction to women’s freedom to choose that have been hindered by the closest characters to Maya in the novel. The novel portrays beautifully the way Maya has undergone all the difficulties in life and dealt with all the problems by her own. Devoid of all the necessities in life she sets a perfect, isolated life or herself and fights for redemption and surpasses each and every difficulty.


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