I am not a thief
You told me, I stole your heart,
You told me, I stole your mind,
You told me, I stole you from yourself,
But let me clarify I am not a thief
If I stole your heart, then I gifted you mine …
If I stole your mind, then every second passing by my mind thinks of you …
If I stole you from yourself, Even I surrender for you…
You were lying there half dead
Your breaths were breaking down!
At that very moment, you were making me breathless
You were not in a condition to move but that very moment I felt my body is paralyzed…
Slowly you regain your conscious
I felt like life is regenerating within me.
The moment I entered the room,
I wasn’t able to bear that sight …
And then you told me
Relax! I am fine …
But I am not, I wanted to tell you that,
But it ends up with few tears skipping my eyes …
And that’s it, my heart revolts
Without uttering anything I just moved out of the room.
To end up this fight
And then something you realized
I didn’t want to leave from there,
Leaving you in pain.
But it was you who took this right from me…
I felt like I am locked in a prison which has no key
Next morning I arrived with a present for you …
A present that you wanted from me.
And as soon I entered a sparkling smile appeared on your face …
It was my heartbeats that took pace ,
I diverted my gaze
It was quite quirky for you
Then I handed that envelope to you.
You were a bit scared, as you could sense what it might be …
Yes! You were right,
Divorce papers!
It’s time to hide
You just had a look at it
And then a gaze at me.
I couldn’t bear that intense gaze
And tried to leave.
You didn’t stop me
I was expecting you to react
But you didn’t
My hands were shivering a little in the journey of being detached
Suddenly You shouted
Do you want this?
No! I wanted to shout
But I thought who am I to decide?
you needed that.
That’s all I could reply
After all, we were married forcefully
It was just a business deal.
You need your freedom,
And I am in need of mine
You smiled a little
What if I say, I need you?
I don’t want to be a thief again.
I replied
But I want to …
Will you be my crime partner forever?
The deal is over
So will you be my boss forever…
I am ready to be yours forever
Will you be mine?
Your gaze had something magical on that day
You were expecting it to be a yes…
I replied,
I don’t want to be your boss
Nor I am interested to be your crime partner …
But yes something if I am interested in something then that is
You to forever mine…

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