Third Day on Planet (Kepler 452b)


MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Ma..E POOF! CupCake my spaceship crash landed as expected in between two sharp edges of a mountain. CupCake got just fit into it as a wing between chopsticks.  I wonder why all the spaceships built by CHPD Pvt Ltd have some or the other kind of complications. The Earth we left 12 years ago was ruled by the new government that hadn’t been established fully. I am sure people on Earth must have adjusted to it now. 😉 Just kidding. I am here stranded on a new Earth-like planet to start a civilization. I now realise that there’s a crack on the glass helmet. I do not have an idea when I had broken my glass and there I get unconscious. 


It was all my mistake to keep CupCake on auto-pilot mode while landing. I had left my home planet for this New Earth-like planet and had spent 12 years of my life in this spaceship. I was so used to be in my spaceship that I never wanted to land on some strange planets to refuel my CupCake.  

Wondering where the other passengers are ? We were all 521 passengers who volunteered to start our journey to Keplar 452b.  We all agreed to take turns in hibernation where one of the passenger had to wake up other one every month . So when all the 520 were sleeping that 1 person would be awake and control the ship. I was  on  number 86 . Number 85 had woke me up for the job and went to sleep. It was 6 th day of the month I had seen something unusual in the passengers who were sleeping in the hibernating tanks. I know that people are in deep sleep but it seems like no one’s alive except for numbers 73 and 85 . All the other passengers seem to be blue and the lights on the hibernating tanks were red. Number 73’s light on the tank was partially green and was about to turn red. Number 85’s tank was still green. I for sometime thought that the red lights on the tanks were the indication of sleeping mode . But later when I tried waking up the passenger  number 87 I sensed something really fishy. I just had to press the code KPLR87 , which I did correctly . Even if I entered the code wrong for the first time it, mustn’t matter much because the tanks that were made would wake up the passenger inside with 6  human strokes from the outside. They were touch sensitive and were designed in that way . With those 6 human strokes there was a facility to change the code . I had tried waking up our V.I.P ward general who was lying in the restricted hibernation chamber . The hibernation tanks they were in seemed to display the same red light. Soon I ran down to the S-vault where all the security codes and manuals of all the advanced machines and technology were stored. With a AI finger sensing pad I searched for the hibernation tank manual . As I turned on to the page of light section I find something disastrous . Red light on the hibernation tanks indicate that people inside it are dead. I soon realise to run up to the H- vault to wake up the two  passengers  Number 85 and Number 73. … 


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