Tips to take care of Elderly

elderly people

Are you able to take care of your elderly with ease? Let’s face it – it’s no easy task. All we need to do is learn to make this task easy and simple with the help of few tips.
1. Hiring a helping hand:
Appoint a person to take care of your parents or in-laws when you are not at home. Though you have kept everything in an easy reach to them, they may need some help at times.
2. Keep track with technology:
Your parents remaining in home may also need few adjustments to keep themselves comfortable and safe. Families are deploying products like QuietCare, which relies on strategically placed motion sensors, to keep eyes on the elders.
3. Visit frequently:
The time together matters, plus you’ll have a better sense of whether they’re safe, mentally sound, and in the best living situation. Enlist your family and your parents’ trusted neighbors to check in when you are out of reach.
4. Be a financial pillar:
Your parents may need your support financially as there will be a rise in the use of money for medicines when they grow older. Plan earlier about the spending and be ready to afford.
5. Get them involved:
Make them socially active. Speak to your parents when they need you and when you are free. Indulge them in some indoor sports to get out the youth in them.
6. Keep them mobile:
Go on a walk with your parents to make them feel fit. Walking for few minutes improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
7. Regular exercise:
Start with exercises that are initially light and something they can do, and later they can take up more depending on their capability.
8. Be careful with the medicines:
You need to take care that the medications prescribed have no side-effects, and don’t interact with any other medicines. Also, make sure that the pharmacist is honest and of repute, as sometimes they can repackage pills that shouldn’t be taken by making it look all new. Another important point is to make sure your parents or elders don’t mix up their medicines, as with old age this problem does arise.
9. Make friends:
If you are busy and can’t take care of your parents and elders, it’s good for them to make friends with people of their age group as they may feel pleasant mentally.
10. Sharing meals:
Your elders might lose interest in eating due to depression or other health issues. In such case, congregate meals can be of great help.


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