Too Little. Too Late


I am a married woman now, with a kid who is four, a workaholic husband and a not so judgmental mother- in- law (to call it so). Yep, these three people are the ones that I see every day or to be more precise have to live with every day. My day practically starts with waking my sleepy child up for school (though I am sleepy myself) and sending him to school and making’ breakyy’ for my family. Post all the daily chores, I go to my self- made, not so dolled up boutique. That’s right, I WORK! I know, that a married woman to be working is somewhere still not considered ethical in our society, and trust me those who are working might have had a tough time in boosting their stimulation to do what they want to do. Well, if you are of me then you will definitely understand this.

Since the day I was born, my mother told me that instead of going out and playing with other kids, I used to sit in her cupboard and admire all the glittery possession she had and be all cuddled up in her clothes. Further, sometimes she gets so excited while telling my ‘Baby Tales’ that she used to s how me photographs of me making Cinderella’s costumes on the wall. Everyone found it a bit weird because no one in my family had ‘Oh! What a designer’ sort of genetics, but that was just how it was. Weird and worthy. The justification of weird is mentioned. Worthy because when I finally became a fashion designer all my relatives took me to be an asset when it came to parties, weddings blah blah blah….. (Ironic isn’t it?) 

Everything seemed subtle until my parents decided to get me married. Well, I call it the ‘Society age’ of getting married where a girl is very peacefully forced to get married   especially at the time when she’s just started working. And everyone around you becomes so happy like there is some icing on the cake that has been brought from New York. What they don’t realize is, even if they are doing all this for our happiness they are doing it for themselves too. In Indian culture, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to get their child married ignoring all the other factors that the child want. But, someone has to come out with it so the bait is in their hands. When the situation came up on me I had 2 options.

  1. Keeping a deal that I would get to work even after marriage irrespective of the fact about how much I earn. Of course, my parents were devastated but they knew they don’t have any other option.
  2. Run away.


My days weren’t that bad so the latter one was out of it. I am still in a dilemma about men whenever I see my husband. He is hard working, a good husband and a good father, but what scares me the most is his adaptable nature and acceptance of me working not in the house but in a boutique. Earlier I used to think that my mopey husband was just bored of me seeing in the house or my crabby mother-in- law told him to support me and many such erratic thoughts. But what matters the most to me is that I am happy. There are very less women in this world who are able to do what they like. Either they are surrounded by responsibilities of the house and kids or even if they work the job is decided by the ‘Dominating’ sex. Yes! I don’t hesitate in saying that ours is a Male dominating society, and we are still holding on to it. Break the rule my dear friends and show them what you got because once it’s exposed its unstoppable. Take a step and make a change, because if what you have in your life is too little and you don’t realize it now it will be too late.


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