Top 10 Horror Movies Based On True Events


Horror movies are beasts on their own, but when you know there might be some truth to the fiction, it adds a novel layer of suspense and anticipation for the film. And it also raises the stakes of finding a disembodied spirit looking back at you in the bathroom mirror when you go for you nightly run much more of a possibility. Real life horror stories are all unsolved cases with no hard evidence or explanation. What’s left behind is always numerous unanswered questions, dubious testimonies and the all to the terrifying thoughts of something sinister lurking beyond the surface. This list of top 10 horror movies based on true events tries to answer those questions the best they can and bring you some level of satisfaction.

10. The Conjuring (2013)

The paranormal investigator couple Ed and Lorraine Warren struggle to save the Perron family from a dark presence that has been following them since they move into their new farmhouse. Based on documented reports from real-life paranormal investigators of the same name, Ed and Lorraine are also the founders of New England Society for Psychic Research. According to them and the Perron family, all events depicted in the film was true and spirits ran amok in the farmhouse. The worst of them, however, was one spirit who didn’t like that the mother of the family was running the house, which she knew herself as the mistress of.

9. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)

A lawyer takes on the job of defending a priest, who faces the accusation of murdering a young girl Emily Rose by performing an exorcism. Anneliese Michel, the real-life counterpart of Emily Rose, was a girl most likely suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Her family had other ideas, believing she was possessed and chose to have her exorcised by a bishop and gave up on psychiatric treatment. According to them, she carried Christ’s mark in her hand and her death was a sacrifice made for the lost souls.

8. The Silent House (2010)

Laura and her dad plan to repair a cottage they will settle down on in the future and decide to spend the night there. The complication occurs when Laura finds herself at the mercy of a mysterious spirit, who traps her inside the house. Shot in one take, this Uruguayan film is based on an event that happened in a village in Uruguay in the 40’s.

7. Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

Ralph Sarchie, a New York Police officer, investigates numerous disturbing cases with a priest with exclusive knowledge on exercise and demonic possessions and strive to save the city from the terror that has taken hold of it. Ralph Sarchie, who’s an actual NYPD sergeant, has written a book titled Beware The Night, which contains accounts of his real-life encounter with demons and was the basis for the movie. Readers will find it interesting to know that Ralph Sarchie felt a sharp pain in the area of his temples when in the presence of an evil entity.

6. Poltergeist (1982)

A host of spirits haunts a family’s house. Quelled with moving objects at first, things take an ugly turn when an evil apparition deem it fine to take their youngest child into another realm. Loosely based on a family in New York, the family experienced inexplicable acts such as sudden popping of lids, flying ornaments and, dangerous of all, a figure soaring through the air only to crash into a mirror. The police officer who came to satisfy the family’s plea for help had a globe flung at him and the press photographer had his flashbulb lift off a table. The family soon left the place but the horrifying events that followed the film’s release continue to baffle us till date.

5. The Possession (2012)

This film will make you think twice about buying antique boxes from garage sales. You never know if the collectible contains the mark of a malicious spirit.  Or that’s what happens with Emily. The true story behind The Possession is equally fascinating, if not terrifying. While the purchase of a box did take place in real life, it was an eBay transaction and the buyer was Kevin Mannis, a furniture shop owner. Soon after the acquisition of the box, Mannis began to experience bad luck and try as he might, he could not get rid of the box, as no matter who he left it with, it always found its way back to him.  Now, in the possession of Jason Haxton, who went through his fair share of bad luck with the box, the box is being studied as he believes it contains the dibbuk,  malevolent Jewish spirit.

4. Veronica (2017)

Freshly baked and presented to fill our taste palette, this Spanish language horror presentation from Netflix will leave you reeling. Madrid, June of 1991, Veronica plays Ouija with her two school friends in order to summon her father, who died recently. As with most cases, the session doesn’t go to anyone’s satisfaction, especially Vernoica’s.

Taking its cue from the Vallecas case, this is the story of Estafania Gutierrez Lazaro who died August of 1991. She had the same daring idea of performing a seance, which was broken due to interruption from a teacher.  After suffering through seizures and hallucinations, Estafania passed away, though the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Strange things continued to happen in that house long after Estafania’s death, until the parents had no choice but to move out.

3. The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

Similar to The Conjuring in its premise, The Haunting In Connecticut follows the Campbell family, who find themselves the target of Jonah, the demonic messenger who communicated with the dead.

Remember Ed and Lorraine, the ghost hunter extraordinaire pair? This is the case that made them permanently famous. They lived under terrible circumstances in the house, including seeing the water transform into the blood in one instance.

2. The Exorcist (1973)


It’s impossible to not hear of The Exorcist, considering it has always found its place in top horror movie list since its release. But did you know, this story about a teenage girl being possessed by a spirit and having to seek help from two priests is based on true events?

Roland Doe, the thirteen-year-old boy began to show suspicious behavior one day, and the psychological evaluation had no evidence of anything disturbing in his psyche.  There were foreign scratches on his body and he had to leave school after his desk and objects began shaking violently. The sudden deep guttural voice and his avoidance of anything religious were also of concern. It is unknown what happened to Roland after he was transferred to a Catholic hospital.

1. Child’s Play (1988)

Dolls are vessels for the dead, or so the saying goes. What happens when the spirit of a serial killer possesses one? You get Tom Holland’s chilling masterpiece Child’s Play. The events that inspired this movie didn’t have a drastic conclusion like the movie, but certainly a real one. As a ten-year-old, Author Robert Eugene was given a voodoo doll- infused with strands of Robert’s own hair. The creator of the doll was none other than their family servant, who bore a grudge. The doll soon became a point of terror for the family, as it began talking, laughing, snickering and destroying pieces of furniture in its wake. Now, it’s part of Fort East Martello Museum


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