Netflix has something for everyone. There are plenty of shows worth watching. I am providing you with the list of 5 “must watch” series for you to binge watch next. Happy Netflix to you!



You might have heard most people around you talking about this show, there’s a reason why this show is trending. This luminously scary series includes one clairvoyant super-girl and four normal 1980s kids and an inter-dimensional monster that can walk through walls. And how can we forget about the unmissable soundtrack? After the success of season 1, the show aired the second season which was the most projected launch on Netflix ever, there is more to come.



Not every meme have the extent for TV adaptation, but “Nailed It!” takes the cake. This series is based on the phenomenon of people sharing pictures of their unsuccessful efforts to recreate baking masterpieces. Basically, it is an American version of “The Great British Bake Off” but for the people whose enthusiasm far outshines their capability. The host of the show, Nicole Byer keeps the laughs rolling while the judges set three contestants indulged in baking challenges in time limits that are clearly insufficient. The results? Lots of melting frosting, toppling cakes, and truly unappetizing results. Nailed it!



Are you a true crime fan? If yes, then this series is a must watch for you. It is the most talked about shows since it premiered in December 2015. It includes a story of a Wisconsin man named Steven Avery who served 18 years in prison after being wrongly accused of sexual assault and attempted murder. This series has become the subject of much debate. The extraordinary piece of television, filmed for over a decade, is made by filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi.



This series is an inner monologue of a dysfunctional 17-year-old boy named James who is convinced that he is a sociopath. His target is a new girl at school named Alyssa who has terrible parents and has a special talent for annoying people. Both of them run away together and are drawn closer to the crime spree, and thus, has the law following in their wake. This perfect black comedy will leave you wanting more. You will surely finish its eight episodes in a weekend, perhaps even in an evening.



The show is focused on the unsolved 1969 murder of a school teacher Cathy Cesnik and a nun. This story is not merely about murder, but about survival. In the wake of The Keepers, the Baltimore police have created an online form to handle reports of sexual abuse crimes in connection to the series.


Now that you know what to watch next on Netflix, it’s time for you to go and binge watch these shows. Ciao!


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