Tough Times

When life is hard and everything gets tough, 

When you are on the verge of losing it,

When there’s just negativity all around, 

When you can’t find your way, 

When you are mentally exhausted,

When your coping  mechanism gives up,

When you try hard to be okay,

When you are trying to clinge onto hope somehow,

When everything you do ends into nothingness,

When you are just surviving somehow,

When you don’t know how to make things better,

When you can’t understand your own mental being, 

When one moment everything is fine, and the other, nothing exists,

When all the happiness is faded amidst deep woods of negativity,

When the dark shadows keeps pulling you back,

When you know everything but can do nothing,

That is when you realise, that life isn’t easy

That it takes a lot from you,

That you can’t control everything,

That you can’t get everything.

That life is not always blossomy, it can be cruel,

That it demands sacrifices and everything comes at a cost.

And that cost is what that makes you a SURVIVOR.



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