Do you know ,what this word tourism means.Tourism means travelling from one place to another for pleasure or business or to discover some new destinations .It serves the purpose of enjoyment rejuvenate the mind.There can be many types of tourism .Health tourism comprises of travelling for medical purposes,Educational tourism means  travelling for study and research purposes,  Business tourism means travelling for official ,commercial and business purposes,Sports tourism means to  travel to participate in or watch a sports competition,Pilgrimage tourism means to travel for religious purposes,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             So overall we can say that tourism is a rapidly growing industry nowadays,because  no high  level investment is  required .Current scenario of the world is that India  lacks behind in this industry due to a number of reasons including lack of maintenance of structure haphazard connectivity ,poor resources and funding and lack of skill among individuals.  So in the end we can conclude that India,  being a resourceful country has a huge potential in the upcoming future.

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