Tradition by Brendan kiely


Favourite quote – “Way up in the sky the man in the moon has something like sad eyes, as if his pale face gazes down with pity, as if he wishes something better for us or maybe wishes we ourselves were the ones who were better.”

💥This book is one of those books which makes you feel every emotion all at once. Jealousy, anger, love, guilt. Everything.

💥The book gives a great emphasis on the rape culture in this world. How whoever is at fault, the blame is always put on the girl (victim). Only the girl gets ridiculed while the boy roams freely laughing and enjoying his life like any other day.

💥There’s a phrase at the starting of the book, “I once heard another girl put it like this: This is a boy’s school and they accept girls here too.” It had such realistic views on every topic. Like even when the men are not around, everything around us is always about them.

💥It also includes other matters such as being a gay, and bullying and how everyone just ignores important matters which embarrasses or disgrace their status.

💥In this book, you’ll see a great deal of friendship and that a true friend is the one who never leaves you in crisis. It will show that most boys may be bad but not all. There is still a hope.

💥The book is written in both male and female perspective which is exactly what you need for a book like this. Jules Devereux is disgusted at and trying to fight all the nonsense traditions at Fullbrook, the boarding school. James Baxter is given another chance with a full scholarship on Hockey after an incident back home which has him drowned in guilt. What happens when the girl who is fighting the traditions gets assaulted during “traditional” party?

💥I think everyone should read this amazing book.

Book Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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