Traveling Bag

Dear traveler,
Hey there, I hope you are doing fine. I know that you, sorry, we are going on a tour again.. I know, you get little tired of holding me with you. I know your shoulders pain because of me, though little but heavy mess. I know you can’t leave me alone coz You know I am precious to you. I will carry your mobile phone, wallet, digital camera and goggles. You always keep them in me because they are the essentials for you when you are on a tour. I will carry your sketch book and markers and pencils coz I know you love sketching. Ohh yes, and a little diary and a pen for your random writings. A cute little appy water bottle, just in case if you might get stuck somewhere and you might be thirsty. And you sometimes leave the most important thing of you, Your identity card my best friend. This is just to remind you that do keep it this time. And yeahh don’t forget kitkats, you know they are your favourites. And please keep a compass and a small map of this place, remember last time you were lost in that supermarket road, and it became so tough for you to go back to your hotel, and don’t just rely on your mobile phone, because you keep posting instagram stories and it’s battery keep dying. And last but not the least, keep your family picture buddy, you know, i know it is lucky for you. I love you and have a safe journey. Take care of me as well. ?
Yours best friend
Traveling bag. 


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