Two Stages Of Life!


“If you carry your childhood with you, you never get old.”

Childhood is the most beautiful stage in a man’s life. The memories of childhood always brings back the smiles and happiness in our so called busy schedules. Childhood and its memories always brings liveliness for everyone. The phase called childhood is always cherished the most by an individual in his entire life. The morals and values which are inculcated in early childhood always help  an individual to achieve success in his life.

The days when we did not used to feel shy or the days where we used to sleep on a couch and get up from the bed or the days when we used to play on the streets and parks and many more such memories we carry within ourselves and always feel blissful about. Childhood indeed is the beautiful stage of human life. An individual as a child learns the think about all the positive aspects of everything. As a child, he develops the habit of questioning and reasoning though this matures with time. Childhood teaches the lessons of good and evils to a person. Children learn these lessons from stories which their grandparents narrated with utmost care and children used to listen to those stories with curiosity. But due to growing urbanization as well as socialization, children these days differ from the children of the past century. Childhood teaches a child the discipline and manners that are to be followed throughout his life.

An individual as a child enjoys his life in a carefree manner. But as he grows up and enters adolescence, he comes in close contact with his peer and due to hormonal changes and under the influence of peer pressure often tries to break the set of norms which he developed as a child. Further, when he enters into his 20s, due to pressure of work he forgets to enjoy his life and attains a busy schedule. This is the stage where he starts complaining about his life. He complains for each and everything he faces and experiences irrespective of the manners, discipline and morals which were inculcated in him during his early childhood. However, when the man enters his late 60s and early 70s, he becomes like a child again and enjoys his life like a child. This is due to the lowering of stress in his life at this phase and also because of the experiences he has gained during his working ages.

The two most important stages of a man’s life, i.e., the childhood and the old age, are similar not just in nature but in habits that the man posses in both the stages. As a child, a man develops the habit of often lying just for his own pleasure and fulfillment of demands. Similar behavior and attitude is developed by a man in his old age. Due to various diseases and other health problems, he is prescribed not to perform certain tasks. But as he eagerly wants to perform those tasks, he lies to his children, or grandchildren  in order to accomplish his desires and demands.

It has been rightly said that if childhood is carried by a person in all stages of his life, he never becomes old. This is because of the charm, curiosity and anxiousness that childhood carries with itself. The person remains happy in all the hardships he faces as a child due to his carefree nature. This carefree nature should be carried forward by an individual from childhood to all the stages of life as it brings peace and happiness all around. A man as a child spreads happiness to every place he goes. Similarly, he should adopt such habits and manners for his life time which satisfies him as a person and creates a feeling of happiness in all spheres of life.
Shakespeare has righty written – 
“and his big manly voice, turning again towards childish treble” – All the Worlds A Stage
This clearly indicates the transformation of a man from his manly affairs back to a child.


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