Unapologetically me…….

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Should I be apologetic of what I think, what I do or what I become?

NO….. you have one life make the best of it, use it well. It is one time shot use it well and just go for it. I m not apologetic of what I think it’s my life I have the right to think whatever I feel like. I am human I will make mistakes, I am not perfect but to be perfect I have to be unapologetically me.


Don’t try to please everybody, people will never be pleased with you or with your work. It’s your life live it to the fullest and make good use of it. Dream big and set goals irrespective of what others will think or whether you will be able to achieve them or not. Set goals and try to achieve them and feel confident about it. Apologize only for those things and sentences where you feel you are wrong and not where people think you are wrong. Take advice, ask for help but never apologize for what you believe in and how you look at things.


Being a woman in this world is hard. No matter how much our world grow or prosper but women will never be free to choose for herself whether it’s her career, life partner or dreams. She will be caged in the name of emotions and love for her parents or family. Women are able to achieve a lot but do every girl have the same freedom of thinking or doing things. NO…. it will take time and we have to work towards it. Every woman needs to take a step forward and start to take the risk. It’s your life you have to take a control of it. You have to make it large. You have to take your own decisions and set goals dream big and try to achieve them. Make mistakes because nobody is perfect and people learn from their mistakes only.

It’s your life GIRL, use it well and go for it.




Society is very funny they will ask you to be real and be you but in the end, they will judge you for being you. No matter what you do they will always have a problem with everything. They are not living your life, they are not in your shoes…. you live your life unapologetically. Dream, run, achieve, set new targets, set new goals you are free to choose and think. Live your life on your own terms.

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I make mistakes, all my decisions are not right or perfect, but I learn from my mistakes and I will continue to learn from my mistakes only then I will have the courage to dream big and achieve my goals. I am not apologetic of what I do, I should not be and neither should you be unapologetically you.


Today is your day, use it well to make good use of it and conquer the world. Take a step closer to your dreams daily. Every step counts so take it. Every day brings new challenges to go for them to fight for what is yours and live your life unapologetically. Never apologize for being YOU….


Freedom is who you are unapologetically……… be unapologetically ME…..




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