Unconnected Lines

A pile of stories, up in my head
Gather I cannot of what it says
I take up my pen and let it flow
In not any connection, the words therefore.
A blanket over me, a droplet of tear
The eyes that haven’t cried for long,
Not too sad or not too upset.
It’s the heart it feels when things go wrong.
People don’t have time for people who have
Lost in the darkness of ignorance and damp,
Not caring much or expecting over board.,
How do I live alone, without getting sore?
People are heartbreaks, I repeat to me
Heart says you dare not teach me
I’ve started loving people who I can’t unlove
Why don’t you keep your thoughts in touch
I feel sad for things that were never mine
And get involved in lines and rhymes.
Pen is the way these tears get a life
But how does it matter, in civil or strife
I know how to be strong and not to care
But till when can I act, I’m really not cared
It does bother me when no one sees
Of the things inside and how I feel!
And here I lay
In dark and despair
Collecting the thoughts
I’ve been running afar
Coz they haunt me 
When I have no one to hug
Bet it happens
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