“I love you” he said again,

Five minutes later, I realized I woke up in vain,

Such a lovely dream it was!

I and him and the same old class.

The forty students and a silent pact,

That only we were aware of to shun it as soon as happens the eye contact.


My bench mate used to say often,

He looks you the way, Humphrey looks at Lauren.

I looked at her as if,

She is a fool to think this but inside, I knew, I am “faking” myself as stiff.

I giggled inside, felt a swarm of butterflies,

Again an eye contact and like never before I did rejoice.


I do not know why we were not friends

May be because all stories do not have the similar ends

Then why all the time I was aware of his presence?

Did really matter his absence?

In his presence, about his position, I foresay

In his absence I expect his appearance on the doorway


I do have no idea of love.

But I have started to think about Aphrodite and Dove.

I cannot say if I have some feelings for him

But for my everyday he is the vim.


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