Walking with my eyes closed

I see thousands of birds flying in the sky

I spot the feathered creatures in cages that can’t fly


Birds are meant to fly high in the sky. Birds have the fundamental right to live their life freely. We, human beings are not empowered to keep these creatures in cages.


Walking with my eyes closed

I see flowers smiling in the garden

Eyes gaze at those plucking them and everything darkens


“The earth laughs in flowers”- Ralph Waldo Emerson. Plucking a flower and damaging the beauty of a garden is totally inhuman. Flowers adorn a garden and look more beautiful on plants.


Walking with my eyes closed

I observe children playing in the streets

I stare at those scavenging and yearning to eat


India is one of the prime countries in Asia which has a whopping 33 million children employed in various forms of child labor. Children are the future of a nation. A child’s future is destroyed when he is employed.


Walking with my eyes closed

I look at trees smiling in the forest

And those dusty areas; I find nothing to shadow in and rest


According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, an estimated 18 million acres of forests are lost each year. This statistics show how cruel human being can be. If we continue this cruelty, we will be left with nothing but deserts all over the world.


Open these eyes says my brain

Heart fights to shut it down again and again



Nature’s beauty refreshes our soul, mind and body. So let’s not damage the beauty of nature. Let’s join hands and take vow not to harm environment and its beauty in any sense and also say ‘No to Child Labor’.



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