Water聽馃挦馃寠聽Let’s consider element water in terms of traditional Chinese medicine. The water is matched to the organ of the kidney in the human body.
The kidneys are a couples body with a bobovidnu没 form, the kidneys are located in the lumbar area (the kidney of the kidney). The kidneys control the spread of water and fluids in the human body. The physiological kidney function is the storage of essence-Jing. Indeed, jing is the substance that is given to us, as the hereditary reserve of health, which everyone receives from us as a gift from our parents. Jing is a force supporting birth, growth, development, reproduction of 膷eloevka, providing the life of all organs and systems. Jing kidney determines the course of a lifetime of man. With the birth and growth of the organism, it becomes more and more abundant.
Once again, birth, growth, maturity, old age, death is opreedl芒ets芒 by essence jing. The condition of the teeth, the bones, the hair otro啪aet the sost芒nie of the renal jing. With the lack of jing kidneys, children have a lag in growth and development, adults are declining sexual activity, the organism is starting to grow prematurely, the old age is fast.
Signs of bad kidney work very much. From the side of the brain, it’s a decrease in memory and attention. Weak kidneys can lead to changes in the emotional sphere in the form of suppressed, bad mood, fears, lack of self-confidence. Can manifest as a decline in sexual attraction, infertility, impotence, menstrual cycle disorders in women. From the side of the urinary system, it can be increased urination, urine incontinence, dryness of slizistyh. Bad kidney work can manifest insomnia, pain in knee joints and lower back, weakness in the extremities, lower hearing, noise in your ears, hair loss, reduced sight, appearance of dark circles under the eyes, dr芒blost使没 of skin, hobble and loosening of teeth, krovoto膷ivost使没 gum, otvisaniem The breasts of women, the osiplost使没 of the voices, the deposits of the fat in the area of lumbar and belly, the skin In different people, the process of exhaustion of kidney essence is manifested in different ways. It is necessary to understand that the degree of fullness of kidney essence and their normal work depends on the general level of health and life expectancy of the person.

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