We make mistakes or mistakes makes us?


She is just like another girl, but an introvert. That’s what people kept saying to her and eventually she accepted it. They didn’t use the exact word ‘introvert’ but they kept giving her remarks like – You are so shy, You speak so less and then suggestions like – You should speak more, You should develop your personality, change your personality and then insulting remarks like – It’s a shame you speak so less, Girls of your age are so outgoing and you are so reserved, this won’t help you in future etc. Sure she was reserved because she loved spending time with herself, but that’s not completely true. She just needed some time to get comfortable with people and surroundings. It was not Ok for her to speak to everyone that comes in acquaintance with her. But once she get comfortable she is an equally outspoken and friendly person like anyone else. But the constant remarks of people started to get to her. She tried her best not to let it affect her. But her efforts were futile in comparison to all the judging comments she has been receiving and when her own family joined the crowd of people giving her pieces of advice, it took a toll on her.

She started questioning herself, that is her personality so weak or is she not confident enough? It was probably one of her mistakes when she let those comments affect her. She started feeling low of herself, she got more nervous around new people, and her self confidence was fading away slowly. She started feeling guilty for being an introvert. But then during a guest lecture in college, a professor said a few words during his speech which boosted her confidence. Those few words he said were “log toh kehte rahenge, logon ka kaam h kehna”. She knew it then that she shouldn’t have let people’s words control her mind and emotions. It’s easy for people to pass comments or give advice because it’s in their nature to interfere in other’s life. She is good the way she is. That’s HER personality. She made her mind to never look back on this issue and just be herself and now she confidently say that she takes time to open up to people and its OK because that’s just the real her. She made a mistake but she learnt from it and came out as a more confident person than before.


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