What can you do?

Take a stand

Thousands of rape cases, hundreds of child abuses, numerous harassments, we all come across all this stuff daily. Every passing day, we get to hear a more brutal case than before; every passing day, we see the murder of humanity; every passing day, we close our eyes towards these barbaric incidents. It’s not that we don’t do anything for this. We organize a candle march; sign petitions on Google; discuss these cases and then, forget them; then, we calm our boiling blood down and our soul adapts itself for the next news. We relax in our sofas and watch the news channels till the next news come and the cycle goes on…. We convince ourselves that our candle marches will make a difference, but deep down, we all know, it’s of no use. We demand justice after the incident happens and do nothing to prevent it. We demand death penalty for rapists but we don’t realize that once the soul is damaged, then killing the culprit makes a very very very little difference. We shall do something to prevent this damage and if can’t do so, then we should do something that actually makes a difference.

But these things are said by everyone and even just saying these things doesn’t matter a lot. So what can one do? This is the question that needs to be answered, right? What is the thing that can actually change the scenario? If it’s not hanging the culprits, if it’s not punishing the bad ones, then what is it?

It’s just that the good ones need to start doing what they should actually do.

Confused? Everyone has travelled in Metros and busses. So, how many times have you witnessed a creepy pervert staring across the metro’s general coach towards the ladies’ coach? Did you do anything to stop him? I know, he’s just looking, but trust me, you can ask any girl that how uncomfortable those stares are. In busses also, how many times have you taken a stand for some random girl who was being stared at or touched by some random pervert?

Yes, these are very small and tiny steps, but this one little stand can make the girl feel safe. And slowly, these small steps will remove the tag of ‘not safe’ from the cities.  

And have you ever talked to any rape victim or any child abuse victim? Do you even know one? Or have you ever asked any of your sisters or female friends if they have ever faced anything like this? Do you know what your sister has to go through when she steps out of the house? Once you will talk to her and get to know how much even the small things affect a girl’s soul, you’ll realize that even you were doing everything wrong all this time. If you won’t talk to her, then how you would get to know if your sister’s childhood was ruined by your uncle or father or cousin?

So, now your question is answered. You ask What can I do. Just take stand for anything you see wrong around you and try to converse with the girls around you to know what all they’ve gone through.


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