What I did this Summer

Hey guys, summer has almost come to an end and, I am done with three years of engineering! Unlike every summer this time it was very much fun filling. What made it, is my trip to two famous cities in India- Bengaluru and Mysore. I was pretty much excited about the trip though it was my second visit to these two cities.


I started with Bengaluru. Sitting on the flight, I could see the clouds appearing to be like the cotton candies. I wished if I could touch and collect them to keep them with me. This was not my first time on a flight but, this time I felt the clouds seemed to join me in my happiness.
So let me take you all the IT hub of India ‘Bengaluru’. Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore is the high tech city and the capital of Karnataka. Apart from Infosys, Bosch, Biocon and many other good companies, Bengaluru also has many tourist attractions. As I landed at the Kempagowda International Airport, I made my way through the exit and could feel the warmth of the city. The gushing sound of the wind gave me a heavenly feeling. The weather of the place really had me. I booked a cab and made my way to the hotel. It was a late night so, all I could think was to go to my dreamland as I lie on my bed.
The next morning came up with a little sunshine and, I was on time to reach my first destination called Lal Bagh. If I explain in English, Lal Bagh signifies Red Garden. The gardens are based in the style of Mughal gardens. Walking across I saw many tropical plants and few designs of animals made of woods. The Kempegowda Tower can be seen at the top of a huge rock.

IMG20180722140214                                       IMG20180722130515

A wooden made Crocodile model                                                    A 65 yrs old tree- Ficus Waste Land

As I moved further, I saw the Lalbagh Botanical Garden Glass House and, the view was beautiful.

IMG20180722135027    Lalbagh Botanical Garden Glass House 

Walking my way to the garden, I saw the glimpse of the Lal Bagh Lake and spotted few birds.


Science always seemed fun to me. So my trip wouldn’t be much happier than to visit the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. This museum is at the Cubbon Park and has many galleries. The first gallery I visited was the Engine Hall. It was all about mechanical devices like engines, pulleys, gears, few tools and many more. The models of these devices were all working models. What fascinated me was the model of the Wright Brothers Aeroplane. Besides these mechanics, how the animal power, wind power were used in ancient times were demonstrated as models. It was actually very helpful and very knowledgeable.

IMG20180722153041.jpg   Wright Brothers Aeroplane Model

Next was the Fun Science Gallery. As the name suggests, it was really fun filled one. The application of science was portrayed in a fun-filled manner and, I enjoyed it.
The Electro-Technic Gallery was all about electronics and electricity concepts. Space–Emerging Technology in the Service of Mankind Gallery has the models of rockets, satellites, and many more. This is the first Science Gallery in India that is dedicated to Space and Space Technology.

The Biotechnological Revolution hall was about biotechnological principles and applications. As I entered the Hall, I saw the view of the beautifully modelled DNA in the form of the double helix structure. It also included models to understand about meiosis and mitosis, about proteins, enzymes and many more.

Apart from all this the museum also included the replica of a dinosaur named Spinosaurus, a science show hall and a 3D theatre. What popped up in my head by looking at the dinosaur was the movie ‘A Night at the Museum’.

IMG20180722153016.jpg                                                                                              Spinosaurus

The Museum amusement came to an end and I looked forward to my next destination that was the Bangalore Palace. This palace is made in the style of Tudor architecture. The view of the palace gave me a Royal feeling but not more than what I felt in Mysore Palace.
The tour of Bengaluru came to an end and, I started my journey to the city of palaces ‘Mysore’. With a lot of history in its corners, Mysore is the second largest city of Karnataka after Bengaluru. The tourist attraction is mainly because of its cultural heritage. The Mysore Silk Sarees also grabs the attention of the tourist.
My first visit was to the Mysore Palace.

IMG20180724150350.jpg                                                                                                       Entry of Mysore Palace

It is the Royal residence of the Wadiyar Dynasty. The architecture of the palace is Indo-Saracenic. The features and the artworks gave the royal feeling and took me back to the history of India.

IMG20180724164002.jpg                                                                                                            Mysore Palace

IMG20180724152638                                                                      IMG20180724153213


                                                                                                         Interiors of the Palace

My next destination was the Brindavan Gardens. It lies near the Krishnarajasagara dam, built across the river Kaveri. As I entered the garden, I could see beautifully established fountains and people enjoying by splashing water upon each other. The main attraction of the garden is the musical fountain in which burst of waters is synchronised according to the music that is played. People gather over there to watch the show at dawn long before it gets started. I somehow made my way through the rush and luckily got to take a picture of the dancing fountain.


IMG20180724190638.jpg                                                                                                               Musical Fountain


Now it was time for me to thank God for the lovely day so I decided to make my way to St. Philomena’s Cathedral. It is a Roman Catholic Church named under St. Philomena who died a martyr in the 4th century. The design of the church is in NeoGothic style. I could feel the divine presence inside the church and, that gave me relief from the tiredness of the day. I prayed for a while and then left for my hotel.

IMG20180724165843.jpg                                                                                  St. Philomena’s Cathedral(under construction)

Talking about the food. Karnataka provides very pleasant food for the tourists. The smell of biryani will make you drool and, the South Indian Thali will give you a homely feeling.

so.jpg                                                                                                         South Indian Thali


It was time for me to leave such a great place and as I was returning back from my trip, I was missing all the fun and joy I had in Bengaluru and Mysore. I wish and hope to visit the places again and again.

Hope this post made you travel to these two destinations! 

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