What suffering really is Good or Bad?


What suffering really is good or bad?
Helen Keller said, “Characters cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trials and suffering can the soul be strengthened ambition inspired and success achieved”.
Suffering is often connected to the result of a bad deed or a misfortune. It is also thought as the worst part of one’s life but the question is, is it really so?
No I do not agree with it. Sufferings are good they bring out the best in a person making him or her tough enough to face the worst. Sufferings come with pain and goes away taking our fears making us brave, so how is suffering bad. Suffering is like a friend who never shows his or her love to you instead always laughs on you making fun of you but always stands besides you. Suffering is a natural part of life so one must happily accept it. It usually happens that we humans get so comfortable with our happy times that we are not prepared for the sufferings, so when it comes it appears to us as a devil who came to steal our happiness.
In this “overthinking” always acts as a catalyst which increases our pain and letting us not to think of a good way out of it and so people end up losing and complaining. To win over suffering one must be strong enough to accept it in a healthy way and end up changing our pain into our belief to win. Sufferings come in many forms like of:-
1. Failure
2. Death (of someone dear to us)
3. Old age
4. Humiliation
5. Pain
6. Being cheated
But all of this takes us through the tough times were we learn to control our feelings, our emotions, and our needs. So we should answer to ourselves is suffering bad or good?
During our tough times we should stay stable instead of overthinking and increasing more of our problem and pain. We should accept the things as they are with love. As letting go the times of suffering like a lesson will always bring the best out of us.
We humans are like minerals that have to go through different level of sufferings to be a diamond. More the suffering more refined and more shiny we become. So let us change our perspective of what can not be changed by us and take suffering as a beautiful experience than a bad once. Let us live a happy life being a believe than a sufferer.


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