When people try to bring you down…..

We are surrounded by a lot of negative people and their energy is such that the mere presence of them make everything negative. You can’t avoid negative people all the time, even though you want to. You will meet them everywhere be it school, college, office or just a supermarket. We have to be in contact with them whether we want to or not. The famous quote says negative people will always see the glass as half empty and not half full. These kinds of people will always try to pull the other person down.

They will have the inferiority complex. No matter how much you will try to be friends with them and how much you will try to help them and be good to them, they will always try to pull you down. This might make them happy. They will always want to see you below them be it professionally or personally. They might not have an issue with you but the negativity which is filled in them will make them pull you down. They have the capacity to make everything around them negative. They can never see anything positive except in things in which they feel there is positiveness.


It’s really disheartening and disappointing to see people pulling you down for no reason. They will try to spoil your image in other person minds. They will know nothing about you but still, they will talk everything negative about you so that your image is bad in the outside world. We live in a world which is full of show-offs and fake things. People will believe everything which the other person is saying even without knowing the actual facts. They might not know you but they will judge you in a way that they are so close to you and they know everything about you.

It is very disappointing to know that someone is trying to pull you down but you don’t know the reason behind it. It could be their ego issue, self-esteem, low confidence and many more. The reason and motive behind it could be anything but what is evident is that they are full of negativity. They will try to pull you down wherever they will find a way. It might make them satisfied and happy. You will always be wondering for the reason behind their negative behavior. They will find pleasure in criticizing you and pulling your image down in everyone’s eyes.

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You can’t ignore these kinds of people but what you can do is to let them do what they are doing. You be yourself, never let them affect you or never let their negativity affect you. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to deal with such kind of situation that you start to question yourself and doubt about whatever you are doing. Their side effects be such that you will doubt your self, sometimes your confidence will also shake because you are concerned about your image but never let them affect you, the real people around you will know the real you and the person who doesn’t know you.. it doesn’t matter what he thinks of you. What matters is that the real friends and people around you are together and with you. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will help in pulling you up with all the odds. No will ever be able to pull you down. You have to have the confidence in you.


Don’t be sad if someone is trying to pull you down, be happy instead because that person thinks that you are above him/ her and that makes them sad and they can’t accept this fact. They will try to expose all the negativity and bad things about you because they can’t handle whats good and right about you. Their insecurity will always come in between and they will try to pull everyone down. They just can’t accept the fact that you are above them.

Never give up because of what the other person said take it as a challenge and show the world who you really are. Take everything as a motivation and succeed in life. Don’t let the negativity of others bother you, their negativity is temporary. Permanent should be your positive attitude towards life and the self-confidence which will take you to new heights. Don’t worry about those who talk behind you there is a reason why they are behind.

Don’t let anyone dim your light, you are born to sparkle……


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