Where am I?


Look up there in the sky

it’s as dark as coal

yet there’s light

of the Moon

in motion

and dragging itself

towards the clear sky.

Away from those clouds

that cover its radiance

like the Oyster shell

that traps a beautiful pearl


waiting to be found.

And here I am


about those windows

being shut

instead of getting up

and pushing

those casement frames away.

Here I am again

looking at it

as an impediment

instead of unhitching it

from my vicinity.

How strange is it

that I

just like the Moon

am unaware

of the relief

I provide to the

ones confined

to the room

alongside me

devoid of the

outer world

wanting to unleash

yet weary

and reluctant

of the unknown.

The unknown

that touches

the indifferent


but unmasks them

of their insecurities

and leaves behind

the materiality

which is the vulnerability

that coincides with

nothing but



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