Where ignorance is bliss, being wise is a folly.

Around a couple of hundred years ago, in the age of everything that we’re now not in the age of, this statement may have held some solid ground. But, right now, it stands as if in quicksand, because there are so many ways that it can be analysed and refuted, it will be buried if it tries to move around mouths much. While wiseness may not be the opposite of ignorance, this statement takes it to be so, which means it defines wiseness as knowing, instead of ignoring. And, where ignorance is bliss, being wise is never a folly, but pretending to be wise is. Trust me, (or don’t, I’m just sixteen years old and have as much wiseness as a nut shell), you do it. You pretend to be wise, because the alternative — thinking about what wiseness is and understanding that there is a possibility it might not exist at all, is horrifying. We are only human, after all.

And, that is the point. We’re only human. We do not know why we are, why everything is. Life is a miracle, the fact that we’re standing on our two feet in this wide, wide world, (I repeat, wide, but it can be captured in a camera lens way above in outer space, just adding to the overall mystery. ), that the sun is exactly at the right place to keep us from melting like candle wax, and that the oxygen we breathe in keeps us both alive and kills us over time, it’s all a miracle. It happens every day, you wake up, you live, and you..die. That’s sort of it for us, you know? In the vast history of the even larger universe, humanity is just a figment of time. Imagine it like this, over all the years that you’ve thought of something, remember the one time you thought of an owl with hands, somersaulting. (You may do that now.) For the universe, we’re the one second it took for it to think about that somersaulting owl. It’ll move on from that image, eventually, (you will too, don’t worry) and in all honesty, it will try not to think of us again, and that will be it.

Now, you might be wondering why I brought that in front of you. It might be a bit depressing to think of that, but if you think being sad about the state of the world is a folly, it’s really not. If you can think of why it all happened, why we happened, and what is happening, you’re a notch smarter than all of the others. If you think about the war torn areas of Syria, the children and the lives that they lead, the Jews that were killed in the holocaust, the way the human mind works — any of these and others— even once a day, you’re a notch smarter. If you’re sitting in work clothes in your office and wondering why all of these ‘idiots’ around you don’t think of all of this everyday, why they’re so ignorant, and why they’re happy when you can’t simply be because there is too much happening, and if in spite of all that you continue to live without collapsing into yourself because it is all too much to handle — the mystery of the universe — and if you understand and know that you can’t really know, in this world, you’re smart.

Because we haven’t been able to figure everything out. In this age, the age of information, being ignorant is a choice, and being wise doesn’t exist. And, when there exists no ultimate wiseness, it cannot be a folly to be wise — you can only be smart. You can only be as smart as the smartest person on earth, and information will run out. As long as you keep chasing after information, you’re better than everyone else, and it’s all okay, it’s not a folly, unless and until you parade or pretend to be it. Because, even if you tell me and my ignorant mind about how no one else thinks about what you think about, you only tell me something that even you do not know the answer to. That is when you’re wrong.

And, so, to conclude, being wise is not a folly, pretending to be it is. I am not wise. And, I do not pretend to be. I only try to be as much as I can.


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