Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? What am I doing? What was I doing until now and what should I do next?…….

Thousands of questions like these rush into my mind in merely a fraction of seconds. I feel like I need to answer these questions to myself but at the same time I have a constant fear that by answering such questions, I might find a bitter truth about myself that might have been remained unknown to me but is now staring at me; questioning my existence.

No matter how much I am scared of these questions, I consider these questions to be important. I believe that these questions might lead me to a better understanding of myself. I feel like I have some goals to achieve, some dream to fulfill, some purpose, that will justify my existence but at the same time I feel a little confused to what I have been doing until now to accomplish that purpose. At that point, these introspecting questions help me to analyze myself. It helps me to construct a path to achieve that purpose.

I might give some answers to myself that I might not like but at least it makes me conscious of those answers and somewhat tells me to work hard.

Everyone must have questioned their existence but to find answers to such questions is the only that can give a solution to their life. Just force yourself to ask such questions and that is the only way that you can set a goal to achieve and assign a purpose to your life


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