Why did I

Why did I fall in love,

why did I break myself 

now its just screams of separation 

in the silent screams of myself 


why did I hurt my one being 

why did I crave something that wasn’t mine 

why did I lose myself in silence 

with rage glaring inside of mine 


why did I let myself fall into this abyss 

why did I let myself kill itself 

why did I blame everything on me 

that I gave punishment to myself 


I held her up high 

I looked at her like Aphrodite

I wished for nothing else than her 

I was ready to give myself to almighty 


why did I break myself 

why did I bruise myself 

why did I let my self-fall in flames 

why I let this happen to myself 


why did I try to make it work 

why I didn’t think twice 

why didn’t I let my brain work 

that now my heart had paid a price 


the very moment my life did stop 

the very incident that left me alone 

the very sentence broke me apart 

that now everyone did my mourn 


why did I…


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