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Why I ride my bicycle

With headphones on
I take in the sunset
I shut the door behind me
And pick up my helmet

As a kid, I enjoyed riding my bike
Even though I thought it was what all kids did.
Until I grew up and realized
A bike and freedom just fit.

I get on my bike,
Set my feet on the pedals,
Cycling to be happy?
I sure deserve a medal Because not everyone

who sees me understands

until they try it first-hand.
It’s not only the wind blowing through my hair
or the thrill of going down-hill and screaming

I gifted this bike to myself
when I realized I was consumed
By sadness during the day and at night was restless.
This bike is my escape
never mind the sweat.

I see the roads I’ve travelled every day
when I went to study, work but not play.
Riding this bike reminds me that’s it’s okay
to give the child within a break.

Friends laugh, neighbors raise their brows
But I`m not the one sitting home or doing chores
Yes, I do my fair share of the work
my bike reminded me what is balance in the right words.


Along with the fun, comes the fitness
Not that I strive for it.
It’s just part of this package
That I don’t mind because hey, who doesn’t like to be fit?

I smile at the trees swishing
and when the music’s off,
I hear the birds singing.
I wish I knew what they said.
You never know,
they might be complimenting my hair.

I play this game where
I try not to stare
while I observe strangers going about their day.
The way they sit, relax or yell
I wonder if they have a story to tell.

Doesn’t matter your age
Now I`m looking for crayons and a page
That I can colour to my heart’s content
‘Coz one must never stop treating oneself.



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