Why you need music when you exercise?


Exercise is one of the most important activity you should include in your daily schedule. But much contrasting to it, a huge mass of people mostly neglect it. And that can be surely dangerous. Lack of exercise can contributes to many health problems like obesity, hypertension, various heart diseases etc. Consuming junk and lack of exercise, both of these activities performing simultaneously on a regular basis can prove to be life risking to you. It is a deadly combination. People becomes very much lethargic to it. For some it is a luxury.

There are several points on why you give excuses on doing exercises.

  • It is boring.
  • Time consuming.
  • It is painful.

If you shift your mind at least from these 3 points, you can easily find exercise interesting.

And exactly that is where we need music when we exercise. Whether it is going to the Gym or practicing at home, music always helps. It helps to cope up with boredom. It helps to keep up the pace. It distracts your mind from the pains of your body. It basically fools your mind of the absence of pain and gives you a feeling of calmness.

There are several points of why music is a must need when you exercise.


1)Replace your counting with the music.

It is interesting to know that your exercise routine will be interesting when you plug in your music.

Suppose, you plan to do a certain kind of exercise and instead of counting 1,2,3,4,….., play a music. And continue your exercise as long as the song last.

In your next workout routine please change your counting with a particular song of 2-3 minutes. You can easily find the difference.

2) Groove with the beats.

Make your exercise a little more interesting by grooving with your favourite songs and their beats. Make your workout sessions fun.

While you exercise just think that you are dancing with the music and not just burning fat or building muscles. There is no doubt that 90s karaoke songs will surely helps you in making your workout a fun one. It keeps away your boredom. It distracts your mind and that eventually gives us our third point.


3) Music distracts your mind.

Exercise gives us lots of benefits but in the cost of something. It goes on with “no pain no gain” rule. Yes, it costs lots of body pain after the workout and even when you are doing it too. That is where most people gives up. The most easiest solution to this is Music.

When you hear a song it automatically affects your thought process and nullifies the zone of pain with happy feeling. It fools your mind and makes it concentrate on the song more.


4) Music itself is a healer.

Exercise helps in getting you out of depression or at least helps you in fighting with it. And adding music just increase the healing process. It helps you to fight with your negative thoughts. It’s very interesting to know that music itself heals many emotional pains. It lifts your mood up and gives you energy. Music and exercise is always interlinked and has a deep connection with each other.

When you workout your each muscle and body parts hurts. But songs helps you in ignoring that pain. Even for a little bit of time. Thus giving you more time to continue the workout.


5) Motivational Songs.

The effects of motivational song is way greater than anything. It is highly recommended that you should try playing more motivational songs during your workout. It helps you in continuity of the exercise. It resists you from giving up. These are the top 25 motivational songs for workouts that will surely make you hit the gym on a regular basis. Put the songs on your playlist and be motivated.

You will be self aware of yourself. You will fill with the fire of wanting to achieve something. You will be more goal oriented.

The lyrics of those are so effective that it will make you glued to your workout routine.


6) Beats of music is directly proportional to the speed of your exercise.

Yes. It is true that more fast the beat is more the speed of your exercise will be. You will notice often times that a slow music will bring your energy down. It will slow the pace of the exercise. More the beat of the music, more you will groove to it. The instruments from the best karaoke machine will make your gym room looks great.

Aerobic is the most common and effective form of exercise that can makes you keep going. It is popularly known as a cardiovascular exercise.


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