Without you

Every time I look at your mesmerizing smile,
It leaves me dumbfounded.
To have someone like you by my side,
Make me excited.

You walking in my life was a Bliss,
Making everything fine by just a simple kiss.
Our eyes conveyed what our lips failed to say,
And in that moment I knew that forever you’ll stay.

It was a perfect love story,
What could have possibly gone wrong?
They both loved each other,
Just like a melodious love song.

But as the world says,
Nothing lasts forever.
And this beautiful fairy tale,
Ended like no other.

The suffering and the pain,
Was hard to bear.
I still love you,
And I know you too will love me forever.

But the situations were never in our favour,
And we parted ways,
Just for the sake of one another.

Without you, I feel so empty.
Now even my body has grown trembly.
Your presence meant a lot more than you can ever imagine,
But all this had to end so tragic.

Being with you made me happy,
But now, without you, I feel so shabby.
You gave me memories,
That I’ll cherish for centuries.
But the time has come for me to leave,
And for “us”, I grieve.

Maybe we weren’t meant to be in this life,
So I’ll wait for you on the other side.
But I don’t want you to come too soon,
You can miss me by talking to the Moon.

There are some incomplete dreams of mine,
That I want you to fulfill.
Will you do me a favour?
Just smile if you miss me ever.

Don’t you ever cry my dear,
It is a pain that we both have to bear.
I know it’s hard but don’t you ever lose hope,
For I’ll be watching over you and will help you to cope.

Live your life to the fullest,
And make all your dreams come true.
And when the time is right,
In that gleaming night,
I’ll meet you on that other side.


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