Wounded Soul


Till now, she was dreaming..
she was blind, a blanket of lies had covered her eyes..
But the reality is painful
its engulfing her soul..
what was her mistake?
Her innocence is lost somewhere while fighting the odds..S
he has no more faith, no more hope..
he no more knows herself, who she is!
I just hope, she rests in peace! 

She cries.
Nobody can hear her.
She let the tears flow.
She wished if he was beside her.
She wished him to stop her tears.
She wished him to hold her tight But He left.
She lay there waiting for him to come..
He killed her with his false hope
His words poisoned her soul
The darkness is  comfortable now..
She doesn’t know herself
who she really is..
 just hope she rests in peace!

She made herself believe..
“Things are good, She will be with him”
But till when? Will he ever understand her agony?
He ruled, She agreed..
He was fine..she just survived.
A living dead.
She was lost again..
He made her feel unwanted..
His cruel words made her heart ache.
She was alone. She made a mistake again!
was it really love?
Who she is?
I just hope she just rests in peace.

She is a sufferer.
The pain is now easy to take.
She is no more suffocated with the foul love around..
She loves the silence.
The pain of separation is inevitable, it pricks her heart
She loves the wound.
She wants it more, till she chokes.
She is no more. She is dead.
Who she is?
I just hope her soul rests in Peace!


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